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The Final Step: Make Your Goal Time Bound

time bound

The final step in our SMART goals series……..

The goal must be Time Bound.  You must set a date…a specific date.  Not as in I will achieve (fill in the blank) in the Spring or in the Winter, or at the end of the month.  You must pick an actual date that you want to accomplish your goal.

I think sometimes we don’t want to give it a specific date…because then we become accountable, and truth is we…don’t want to fail.


The Truth is, achieving your goal is more about showing up every single day with determination and discipline, then achieving perfection. Perfection is the enemy of progress.  If you should fail (and you will)…purpose in your heart that you’re going to get right back up and start again.

Failure is a major part of Success.  Those that succeed have not experienced failure…quite the opposite.  They have just determined to get back up again…and again…and again.

Don’t delay in giving your goal an end date….then just show up every day with determination and purpose, and you will be one step closer to achieving your goal!!




Step 5: Your Goal Must Be Realistic


We are almost finished writing our SMART goals!!  I know we are talking about our journey2trimnhealthy here, but the principles of the SMART goal can be applied to any goals you have.  I write goals in several areas of my life, and I will share those with you in an upcoming post.  Setting goals is a skill and anyone can learn it!

Today we are going to talk about making your goal Realistic.  There is no goal (if you truly have the desire) you can’t aspire to, but you must be realistic in your time frame.

Stating you want to lose a 100# in 2 months is an unrealistic goal.  First, it is unhealthy and secondly…probably not going to happen.  There is nothing wrong with a desire to lose a large amount of weight, but you must be realistic that it won’t happen overnight.  You didn’t gain it overnight, and you won’t lose it overnight.  That’s unrealistic.

goals 3

Set small attainable goals that achieve success and build on that.  A One to Two pound weight loss per week….is a great goal.  Bite size goals with reasonable time frames builds huge success.  Gaining small success gives you momentum and encouragement to continue on the path to achieving your larger goal.  “How do you eat an Elephant?”….One bite at a time!

If you were writing a financial goal and you had a desire to pay off a large amount of debt on a small annual salary, it would be unrealistic to state that you wanted to pay $100,000 off in 6 months when your annual salary was $30,000 year.

I think you get the point.

Setting realistic, attainable goals…..is a sure fire way to gain success!

Step 4: You Must Apply Action To Your Goal


You’ve written your goal(s) down.  Great Job.  That is the first step.

You were specific, and you gave your goal a measurable component.  You really are doing so awesome!

Now you must apply Action to those goals.  Without daily action applied to your goal you have a lovely Journal with some great intentions written in it…“Good intentions without action are nothing”

What action(s) are you going to take daily to help you achieve your goals?  You must do something every single day………

You must ask yourself, “what action can I do today that will help me achieve my goal?”  At night, write down the actions that you took that day that helped you gain success.  Make a list of what actions you will do the following day that will get you one step closer to your goal.  This is the meat of the whole thing Mamas…Don’t underestimate this step.

List your actions:  For Weight Loss goals……actions may look like this:

  • Walk daily
  • Drink More
  • Stay on Plan
  • No Cheats
  • When I’m feeling discouraged call a friend

The list of actions are endless, but the key is…action must be applied.

Without daily actions, your goal will never get off the pretty paper that it is written on.

This step is huge!


Step Three: Your Goal Must Be Measurable


Hopefully you now have a written goal in your 2016 goal Journal.  You have given it many specifics, the more the better.

Now it is time to make the goal measurable.  Your measurable goal may look something like this…..

” I would like to lose 10 pounds and 10 inches in my thighs and chest by following the THM plan consistently on a daily basis“.  I will weigh myself on the scale and take body measurements every 2 weeks.  This now makes the goal: Measurable.

By making your goal Specific, you have given it an action plan….by making it Measurable, you have given yourself clear criteria, an objective metric to determine and evaluate if you are achieving your goal or not

Remember: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”…Mark Twain

Let’s get Lean in 2016!!!!!


Step Two: Your Goal Must Be SPECIFIC


specific two

Yesterday We had you write down your 2016 in your journey2trimnhealthy.  Now we are going to help you make that goal very Specific.

One of the reasons people do not achieve their goals are they are not specific enough.  They are too broad.  By not making the goal specific, it is difficult to take action with it.  Action is what propels us forward and move us toward achieving our goal.

Example: Let’s say your 2016 goal for your journey2trimnhealthy in 2016 is to lose weight.  The goal as it is written is a good goal, and probably millions of Americans have this very same goal for 2016.   Truth: Very few will achieve it.  One reason is…few truly have the desire, and second it is not at all specific enough.

Specificity allows us to put action to the goal.  Just stating you want to lose weight is not enough.

The Goal should look more like this: I would like to lose 10 pounds and 10 inches in my thighs and chest by following the THM plan consistently on a daily basis.


If you are having trouble with this step try answering the following questions; Why…How & What

Why: Do I want this goal: This is your Purpose

How: Actions to help you get there…Daily Actions

What: Am I tying to accomplish

Look at your written goal.  How can you make it more specific?  Put as many specifics in as possible.  List them.  Remember this is YOUR goal, something you desire for yourself.  Own it.  Make it as specific as possible.  The more specific, the more likely you will be to achieve your goal.

What One goal would you want to achieve if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Tomorrow we will look at making your goal:  Measurable


Step One: Write Down Your Goal on Paper

Journal Photo

My Christmas Gift

Don’t you just love the Polka Dots?…I LOVE Polka Dots!!

I hope you have been thinking and pondering your goal for 2016 in the area of your journey2trimnhealthy!  I know I have and am very excited for the weeks ahead.

I hope you’ve put some serious thought into it………..

Today we are going to put feet to that dream and you are going to write it down on paper.  This is key…you must WRITE the goal down, and it is best if you write it down with pen and paper.  This very act of writing down your goal is the first step in making that goal a reality.

I encourage you to purchase yourself a Goal Journal.  I have kept one for several years.  It has proved invaluable to me in helping me attain my (our) goals, and my husband & I have achieved some pretty big ones.  For starters, we paid off $27,500 in Credit Card debt in 3 years, while I left my job to homeschool our Son!  It all started with a desire to be debt free and writing down that goal.  We took very specific steps, relied on the Lord, gave feet to our faith, and God blessed in amazing ways…but it all started with that written goal.  There is power in the Written Word.

My Son purchased me the above adorable Journal for Christmas, and it will be my 2016 Goal Journal.  This is not my daily planner.  This is a place where I write my dreams and goals.  List specific actions to help me achieve my goals, then an area to evaluate my progress.  My goal journal is a living breathing entity.  It’s very much like our Budget, alas that’s a whole other post!  My second favorite passion…personal finance!!!   My husband and I have spent the last few weeks talking and sharing about our 2016 goals, and we have set some big ones!  For the last several years, I have chosen a Word and this year I have chosen a year long “Theme” goal.  I will share those with you in an upcoming post…

Grab yourself a warm cup of Joe, a clean sheet of paper, and let’s put some feet to those dreams!

Join us tomorrow as we learn how to write SMART goals…..