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Frugal Fridays

Frugal Friday Shopping Extravaganza

So do you ever have to go to the grocery store, and you don’t feel like going shopping?!?!?! ¬†Well you are not alone…that is me EVERY WEEK ūüôĀ

However, God never ceases to amaze me…look at these whopper deals…at least for me anyways. ¬†I look for deals while I am shopping as meat and veggies don’t really have coupons…yet…God always makes a way to stock up. ¬†In order for me to stock up, I use my money to save even more money, so I can save more money…it’s all part of that plan to get debt free.

This is 3 pounds of ground turkey for $8.99 minus the three $1 coupons = a smokin’ deal for just $5.99¬†

These “Manager’s Specials” are super savers too!!! ¬†Just look for that lil orange tag…This hamburger is only $2.77 per pound

Here is what I did with it…first, made a big ol’ cheeseburger, then fried up some for the next night for taco salad, and the remaining went in the freezer for a future meal…oh and I only had to clean the pan and spatula ONCE!!! ¬†Tic, Tac, Toe…three meals for 2 people…all THM Trimmifying with no special ingredients used.


Next up is the incredible edible eggs…Scooped up 4 dozen ūüôā

I don’t always buy seltzer, but at $0.25 per bottle, who could resist…Regularly $0.75 per bottle, but I scooped up those two $1.00 off the purchase of two bottles (the tags hanging on the bottles)…can I get an AMEN, for “My God shall supply all your need” and some wants too!

I don’t mind the extra work or prep to buy chicken breasts at $0.79 per pound with the bone in them…my regular buy is boneless skinless chicken breast at $1.69 per pound…but had a $2.00 off coupon to make it a hot deal!


This is my CVS deal…I am very patient when I want something expensive…in this picture is Tom’s Toothpaste, regularly $6.29. ¬†I will not pay that much for toothpaste…so this became a “want”…I received a $3 coupon in the mail from CVS, and patiently waited (and kept my eye on the expiration date…I hate it when free money expires!!!), a few days later in my email came the bonus…30% off my total order at…CVS…so as I am in my car getting ready to go into…you guessed it…CVS…I decided to check my email again…and received a $2.00 off coupon for a household item…once again from…CVS…so here is how it turned out: ¬†$6.29 Tom’s Toothpaste & $2.89, less 30%, less $3, less $2 = $1.52 after tax…YIPPEY DIPPY DOODLE ūüôā

Now last but not least…especially for all our local peeps…can you believe that lil ‘ol 2 Mamas on a Mission love you sooooooo much, that we want the best for you…our prices are LOWER¬†than the local food chains…Yes, you heard me right (and I took picture as evidence)…LESS THAN the deals listed below…so make sure you buy local and buy from us!!!


Be Beautiful & Be YOU!!!


Frugal Friday


Happy Friday Lovelies!

It’s Frugal Friday……

and it’s winner, winner Chicken Dinner!

Our little¬†community just got a Market 32.¬† I am so excited over this addition to our local economy!! ¬†We live in the New England area and¬†Price Chopper/Market 32¬†is a chain that is here in the North East. Even better…….they ¬†also double coupons!!!!

They sell Rotisserie Chickens for $5.99

Our Frugal Tip is to get every bit¬†of goodness from this lil baby…..

Now, I could save even more money if I purchased a chicken on sale and roasted it myself, and often times I do. ¬†However, this offers a frugal option as well as a Drive thru Sandy Sue option, and let’s face it, ¬†we all need that option sometimes!

First, I will¬†use this chicken for our dinner¬†meal. ¬†Depending on¬†what fuel I’m serving, will depend what sides I serve. ¬†If¬†we are having an S meal, then I would serve with cauliflower mashed and buttered broccoli. ¬†E meal (Would be no skin for me) and I would serve with quinoa or brown rice with¬†a non starch veggie.

I¬† then take the chicken and pick all the¬†meat off the bone, and make chicken salad for lunch. ¬†My hubby’s all time favorite. ¬†Sometimes if there is not a lot of chicken left I will add a can of chicken to stretch it. This usually provides one lunch for two. ¬†There is never left over¬† chicken salad in my house!¬† Ever!!

Next I place the entire chicken in a big stock pan and throw in any left over vegetables that I have.  Celery, onion, carrots, garlic and this pic has some greens I needed to use up.  Add 10-12 cups water, bring to a boil, then I simmer 3-4 hours.  The house smells so yummy.  I pull out the chicken, pick off any remaining meat, then discard.  I then remove the vegetables and discard them.  Next strain the liquid through a strainer.

The end result is beautiful yummy homemade chicken stock!

Okay please forgive this side photo. I have spent over 35 minutes to get this photo to flip (I’ve told you I’m not techie) and it just won’t. ūüôĀ¬†Hopefully you get the idea that it is 5 pint jars of golden flavorful chicken stock, that I store in my¬†freezer. ¬†The key to not breaking your glass jars is leaving at least 2 inches of headspace and not over screwing the caps. Since I have been doing this, I haven’t had any crack!

So for one $5.99 chicken, I get one main dinner, a lunch, and several pints of chicken stock. ¬†Now that’s what I call¬†getting a lot of bang for my buck!!

Wishing you all a fantabulous weekend!