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About Us

Hi! Welcome to 2 Mamas on a Mission! We are so thrilled you have stopped by.  Let us introduce ourselves. We are Michelle and Sandy…2 Mama’s who decided we had enough of  feeling unhealthy, constantly feeling tired, and not fitting into our clothes  anymore.  We are very busy Mama’s and our energy levels had lagged.  We were tired of dealing with a myriad of menopausal health issues, and we had come to the place called DONE.  Then Michelle found Trim Healthy Mama and dragged Sandy along (only in the beginning). Together we have dropped over 50#  in a little over 6 months!! (Insert Happy Dance):)  We are regaining our health and energy, and are so excited to chronicle our Journey with you.

We realized this information was too good to keep to ourselves, so we decided to start this blog. We are not “IT” Mama’s, We don’t hold business degrees, and we don’t know the first thing about HTML code, (Although I think we are about to find out!) What we do  know  is this plan works, and it can work for you too!

You won’t see fancy food pictures here, you may find  a typo or two(Not if Sandy can help it) and we will share the good, bad and ugly on our journeys. Most of what we hope you will find here is encouragement and strength to start your own journey to regaining your health and finding your Trim!

The most valuable assest any of us posses is our Health. We are worth investing in and so are YOU!!!  Won’t you consider joining us on this journey to Trim & Healthy??

Michelle’s Story

Sandy’s Story