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Week One ~Results~

Mama’s I am happy to report the scale has moved!  Here is my Weight:

Okay sorry for the blurry Pic but I forgot to take the Pic before I got into the shower so I had to take the Pic after the shower.  Have you ever tried to take a pic with wet hands standing naked on the scale…Well I think you get the Picture!! HAHA….I know that’s a visual we can all do without!!

What worked:

  • Concentrated on separating Fuels
  • Ate predominantly S meals
  • Increased my water intake (for me this is a Big effort while I’m at work)
  • Cut out SUGAR
  • Planning & Preparedness (This is key for me)
  • Made sure there was a source of Protein in every Meal/Snack

My Thoughts:

Truthfully this week was not as bad as I thought it would be.  The sugar detox was not nearly as bad as the first time.  Slight headache and the cravings were manageable, as long as I had on plan snacks…… and I did!!!

I really think that while I have indulged a wee bit too much in the sugar department, I am forever changed in this area.  I now KNOW the health effects of refined white sugar, and I KNOW that consuming Refined White Sugar has a direct impact on my over all health and directly relates to how I am feeling now.  Not the future skinny  me…the right now me.  So while I have indulged, I don’t think I was consuming any where near the amount I was before starting THM.

Planning & Preparedness: I cooked simple meals I was familiar with. Simple & Sane. I wrote out a very simple meal plan. I knew what we were having each night and then shopped for the ingredients early in the week. In my opinion, this is key to the success of THM, at least for me!

Failures / Or might we call them :”Grace Moments”:

College Guy likes Pop Tarts. The yummy, really bad for you kind…and well a few weeks ago they were on sale and so what’s a Mom to do? Those dang Pop Tarts have been first and foremost in my mind all week!! And, No I did not eat one! I did tell Him to take them to work and get them out of here!  However I did purchase all the ingredients to make a THM one! If you haven’t tried them yet…. here is a link to the recipe. Totally did the trick.

In a weak moment I wanted cereal. That was in the same sale as the Pop Tarts 🙁  I did eat 1/2 Bowl of Raisin Bran with 1/2 n 1/2. Before Y’all judge me, I could have had the Pop Tart, and have you noticed there are 2 pop tarts in the package?  Seriously who eats just one???? At any rate that totally did the trick, and I was celebrating that those dang Pop Tarts didn’t cross these lips.

Another Grace Moment: I was in Church and started feeling a tad dizzy, that has happened to me several times when I am first getting back on plan.  I am sure it is my glucose stores depleting.  At any rate, I remembered I had some hard cinnamon candies in my Church bag.  So I ate one…Okay…I ate Two…there I said it.

Other than those 2 incidents, I ate on plan all week, and I am thrilled with the results. I am starting to feel better too! Major score!

Any of you brave enough to share your scale results???  C’mon Mama’s let’s do this!!

OH and Happy Spring!!



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