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Frugal Friday Shopping Extravaganza

So do you ever have to go to the grocery store, and you don’t feel like going shopping?!?!?!  Well you are not alone…that is me EVERY WEEK 🙁

However, God never ceases to amaze me…look at these whopper deals…at least for me anyways.  I look for deals while I am shopping as meat and veggies don’t really have coupons…yet…God always makes a way to stock up.  In order for me to stock up, I use my money to save even more money, so I can save more money…it’s all part of that plan to get debt free.

This is 3 pounds of ground turkey for $8.99 minus the three $1 coupons = a smokin’ deal for just $5.99 

These “Manager’s Specials” are super savers too!!!  Just look for that lil orange tag…This hamburger is only $2.77 per pound

Here is what I did with it…first, made a big ol’ cheeseburger, then fried up some for the next night for taco salad, and the remaining went in the freezer for a future meal…oh and I only had to clean the pan and spatula ONCE!!!  Tic, Tac, Toe…three meals for 2 people…all THM Trimmifying with no special ingredients used.


Next up is the incredible edible eggs…Scooped up 4 dozen 🙂

I don’t always buy seltzer, but at $0.25 per bottle, who could resist…Regularly $0.75 per bottle, but I scooped up those two $1.00 off the purchase of two bottles (the tags hanging on the bottles)…can I get an AMEN, for “My God shall supply all your need” and some wants too!

I don’t mind the extra work or prep to buy chicken breasts at $0.79 per pound with the bone in them…my regular buy is boneless skinless chicken breast at $1.69 per pound…but had a $2.00 off coupon to make it a hot deal!


This is my CVS deal…I am very patient when I want something expensive…in this picture is Tom’s Toothpaste, regularly $6.29.  I will not pay that much for toothpaste…so this became a “want”…I received a $3 coupon in the mail from CVS, and patiently waited (and kept my eye on the expiration date…I hate it when free money expires!!!), a few days later in my email came the bonus…30% off my total order at…CVS…so as I am in my car getting ready to go into…you guessed it…CVS…I decided to check my email again…and received a $2.00 off coupon for a household item…once again from…CVS…so here is how it turned out:  $6.29 Tom’s Toothpaste & $2.89, less 30%, less $3, less $2 = $1.52 after tax…YIPPEY DIPPY DOODLE 🙂

Now last but not least…especially for all our local peeps…can you believe that lil ‘ol 2 Mamas on a Mission love you sooooooo much, that we want the best for you…our prices are LOWER than the local food chains…Yes, you heard me right (and I took picture as evidence)…LESS THAN the deals listed below…so make sure you buy local and buy from us!!!


Be Beautiful & Be YOU!!!



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