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Our Web Designer Extraordinaire ~ Miss Sheri

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Meet Our Web Designer Extraordinaire……Miss Sheri!
This Beautiful lady is the brains and talent behind our beautiful graphics and web design here at  2mamasonamission!  It doesn’t matter what we throw at her…. she figures it out!  Sheri is truly amazing!
When we first approached her about working as our web designer, we were so thrilled when she agreed. Sheri wears many hats, and juggles many responsibilities. We come up with crazy ideas (that always involve a pressing deadline) and she never fails to deliver!!
When we shared with her that we would like to “Journey Spotlight”  her, I was afraid she might not agree. This is one humble lady. However the Bible says to give honour to whom honour (is due) Romans 13:7 KJV. We asked her to share her thoughts;
I started designing as a teenager when the Christian school I attended needed a flyer.  I knew next to nothing about
design, but it turned out I loved doing it!  Since then, I’ve managed to grow my skills mainly through taking on projects and learning as I go.  I now work as a church secretary which allows me to be very involved in our church media ministry and also to be a help to other churches with web and print design.  I’m able to take on other outside work as my time allows, and I’m so grateful to be a part of the 2 Mamas on a Mission team!  Designing is my passion, and I truly view any ability I have as a gift from God.
When Michelle & Sandy told me they were going to feature me for the Journey Spotlight, I had no idea what to say.  My journey in the field of design seemed a far cry from the mission all of you mamas have taken on to care for your health.  But then I got to thinking, of all the times I’ve wanted to quit, and I realized that’s a feeling we all face on our journeys!  A designer friend of mine once encouraged me to stop looking at all I haven’t learned yet and just focus on learning one new thing.  Just one new thing…for me, that’s a new design skill…for you, maybe it’s staying on plan for one more meal or choosing to exercise when you really just want to watch one more show (I can relate to that one!).  Don’t ever quit your mission – just do the next thing! and know that you have a designer friend at 2 Mamas on a Mission who is cheering you on from behind the scenes 🙂
Truth is…..Sheri is so much more than the brains behind our graphics….She is the daughter of our Pastor & his wife.  She is also the Church Secretary, and above all a wonderful testimony to the Lord!  She has a passion for serving others as you can clearly see from her own words above.  She has such a sweet spirit and a humility that truly inspires those around her.  Sheri is giving & very kind. We are blessed to call her friend.
Sandy & I (much like Pearl & Serene) are similar yet opposite in some things.  We both throw our ideas and thoughts at Sheri, and it never seems to rattle her.  When she sends back the graphic (from our jumbled ideas & thoughts), it absolutely amazes us how she catches our vision!, and she never appears to grow weary working with these 2 seriously tech challenged mamas!!!!
We are blessed beyond measure to have her on our team!

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