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Frugal Friday ~ The Cost of Convenience Foods

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Today we are talking about the hefty cost of convenience foods.  I get that there are times in busy seasons of life, that convenience (pre-packaged) type foods are a life saver for the busy Mama.

The gift of time and convenience that you get may be worth it, but you are forking over your hard earned cash to get the convenience of someone preparing ahead for you.  You are also paying a very hefty price for cute convenient packaging.

Let’s take a look at our example:

This is an example of a quick snack. There are (4) 4oz. cups of Diced Peaches.  These are priced anywhere from $1.99 to 2.99 depending if you get them on sale or not.  They are currently $2.79 at my local supermarket this week (if you purchase store brand, you can sometimes find these for around $1.50).  At my local stores current price of $2.79….it makes each 4 oz. serving approx. .69 cents each.

Example #2

This is a pic of a 290z. can of Peaches.  I purchased my can at my Local market for $1.50 on sale.  I did take a pic but am having tech issues trying to get the picture loaded. No surprise there.  At any rate, I can get approx. 7.25  4 oz. servings from this can.  The ones I purchased were in heavy syrup. I just put them in my colander and rinse them in cold water, and discarded the juice.  Perfect on plan Peaches.  That makes each 4 oz. serving approx. .20 cents!!  Less than 1/2 the cost of the convenience servings and nearly double the serving size!!  If you want more volume, you can just dice the Peaches with a kitchen knife!

I prepare the entire 7 servings when I open the can.  I love my Pyrex Storage Containers.  I switched from using plastic to glass quite some time ago.  Glass is friendlier on the environment, it doesn’t stain, can be washed in the dishwasher, and it is much better for our health.  Plus I am more comfortable storing food in glass.  I get a week’s worth of servings from the 29 oz. can.

I put a tablespoon or two of Cottage Cheese in with my serving of fruit in the morning.  It is often my mid morning or late afternoon snack at work. 🙂

Sometimes it doesn’t seem that the pennies add up, but they do!

Groceries are a families second biggest expense (behind the mortgage), and there are so many ways to save!

So to recap….I would need to purchase 2 packages of the convenience Diced Peaches @ 2.79 x 2 =$5.58 for the same amount of the $1.50 29 oz. can.  For very little effort (the effort of opening the canned Peaches and placing them in the dishes….5 minuntes total), I save $4.08!!!

I’m not saying there is not ever a time to purchase these type of convenience fruit packs, but for very little effort, I’m saving the $4.00.  If you purchased these weekly, that would be over $16.00 a month savings!

Now that’s some serious savings!!!

Be Beautiful…Be YOU!


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