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Frugal Friday

Happy Frugal Friday lovelies!

I am writing you from South Texas and am so excited to share today’s tip with you!

We are very close to the Mexican border.  There are HUGE produce stands on every corner, and the prices are unbelievable.  Remember now, I am an Upstate New York girl :-), and frequently get sticker shocked in the produce aisle!


The prices are waaaay below what I am used to paying in NY.  Even in our peak produce time which is Summer.

These are bags of Oranges for $2.00…I have seen several Orange groves as well.

Can you say Dreamsicle Shake?

Huge bags of limes…Yep just $1.00

This is a pic of a grapefruit tree.  Looks like an orange tree but when you get up close, it is a beautiful delicious ruby red grapefruit tree.  We purchased a bag the size of the orange bag for $2.00.  We have been enjoying them all week for breakfast.

So what is today’s frugal tip you ask?

Beg, borrow & steal your way in your friends heart, so when they come home, they will fill their car with all of your produce!!

On the first day here, I was able to purchase over 50# of fresh produce for $5.00 The Citrus fruit alone in the quantity we purchased would cost a fortune.  I got gorgeous Avocados (sorry forgot to get a pic of those) 3/1.50.  They were huge!  All those Avocados we purchase at home (that state from Mexico) and pay at least a $1.00 each, well those are the ones!

It is truly bountiful here…….

Today we are off to South Padre Island……You guessed it…with a beautiful fruit salad for lunch paired with Greek Yogurt!

We are watching the weather here and for all our friends in NY and on the East Coast……stay warm!!

Be Beautiful…Be YOU!!!


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