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Help…I Don’t Know Where to Start!

So maybe you didn’t quite make it to our declutter challenge…No worry Mama, We gotcha covered!

If your room is so cluttered, you are not quite sure where to start (no judgement here, I’ve been there), start at the surface areas.

Those places your eye sees first.  Tops of dressers, night stands, or bookshelves.  If you are like me, you have all 3 of these pieces of furniture in your room.

Surface areas is a great place to start the declutter process.  First, it gives you instant gratification and a great sense of accomplishment.  It’s typically where we store junk, water bottles, old magazines, etc., etc., so it usually goes straight to the trash bin, no overthinking there Mama!

Secondly that sense of accomplishment is a great motivator to help you keep going and dig a little deeper.

Don’t make it too difficult!  Just take a few minutes per day to start…even if it’s just one drawer at a time…perfection is the enemy of progress.




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