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31 Day Declutter Challenge: Progress Report

Today is February 1st pretty Ladies………… and that means…………

Our January declutter Challenge is over!  I wanted to share some progress totals with you!

I repurposed, removed, or redirected over 100 items in my Home the month of January!!

The challenge was the most successful in my bedroom:) Over 80 items removed from this space. Items I no longer have to clean, care for,  or organize.     WooHoo!!

I have several items gathered for my Spring garage sale and many to give away, to Goodwill.

I was able to also reorganize the drawers and cabinets in my Kitchen!

Our next Declutter challenge will be March where I will tackle the Pantry & Den!!

I am all about Less Stuff in 2017!!

I hope you were able to join along and were challenged to get rid of excess “stuff” in your home.

Do you think the Groundhog will see His shadow??

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