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Day #3 What Keeps Elf on the shelf so Skinny?

What makes Jackie Boy here so dang skinny?   Well Jack here has been eatin him some Okra!!

I’ve found him in various places stealing mine!!

But Jack knows what’s good for him, and I’m willing to share….

So without further ado….Here is another added health Benefit of Okra:

Phytochemicals….Specifically Beta Carotene & Lutein.

Both extremely beneficial in Eye health. This Okra is super good stuff!!

So here’s how we got our Okra in today:

So my friend, Crismarie, who knows we are on an Okra challenge bought us some fresh Okra at the Asian Store. (I think I have seen fresh Okra at Walmart) I will check this week when shopping.  At any rate you know She is a true friend when she buys you Okra….

So We’ve been reading about Okra water, and well, we are up for anything in this Okra Challenge!  So today…We drank our Okra!  Yep you read that right…and I liked it the best of anything so far.

Here is the link to what we read/watched. You soak 3-5 Okra overnight in a glass (trim off the ends & cut in half lengthwise)…then squeeze the Okra (leave the seeds in water for chugging) in the morning into the glass, remove the Okra and fill with fresh water. Then down the hatch!

It did not have much taste, actually it reminded me of Aloe Vera Juice. I found it very refreshing. It is a bit slimy (that super healthy mucilaginous fiber!) but it didn’t hinder me.  Yep down the hatch it went!

Seriously you should give this a try….

Let us know what you think in the comments!!




  1. I made the Cry No More Brownies, there was just a little more okra in the bag so I went a head and added it to the recipe. I already had 1 cup, so I added more than one cup. I tasted the brownies while they were still cooling and they tasted funny. So I let them cool and put them in the fridge. Then tasted them again they still had that funny taste. I will taste them again tomorrow and see what they taste like. I will still eat them, their texture is thick and fudgy brownie like. Just next time I think I will add closer to 3/4 cup of okra.

    Tomorrow I plan to make Briana’s Dreamy Chocolate shake or her fruit one. They both call for 1 cup of okra!

    1. Awesome Carlene… We are excited to see if you have any results..! Even if you don’t….. you are adding an extremely healthy veggie to your diet! That’s a win win to us. I am really doing the challenge for all of the health benefits Okra provide. If I lose a few pounds though I won’t be disappointed:) I think all THM baked desserts are better the next day, Especially the brownies. The funny thing about the Okra water…is there is no taste!! We drink Coconut water…why not Okra!!!!

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