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September 2016

Simple Success ~ Taco Casserole

Ok…you are not going to believe how easy this Game Day Winner Dinner is…my son and his friend went back for seconds (me too…and there was some leftover to have with my salad for work)!!!


Ingredients: ¬†1 – 2 pounds of cooked ground beef (remember this Chickie cooks for an army to simplify dinner when getting home from work or my son’s sporting events…it’s currently soccer season), 1 – 2 packages of McCormicks Taco Seasoning (one for 1 lb of meat or 2 for 2 lbs of meat), about 3/4 cup of salsa per pound of meat (less for a dryer consistency which is my preference), one small chopped onion (I put mine in the food processor to save time), 3/4 cup water for one package of seasoning or 1.5 cups for 2 packages of seasoning, 1 cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese (I used a little of Monteray Jack too!)…use as much cheese for your style for your family…my son doesn’t like a whole lot ūüôā

Cook your ground beef and drain off fat (I rinsed mine too!)…then add back to the frying pan and saute with the onion for a few minutes. ¬†Add seasoning packet and water, then simmer for about 5 minutes…the key to really flavorful meat is to keep breaking it down into tiny pieces with your spatula. ¬†Let your oven preheat to 350 degrees.

0901161436 (1)

Now you are ready to start putting it in your family size casserole dish…ground beef first, then salsa…you can mix it in, but I just left it on top cause I’m a Drive Thru Sandy Sue…


Sprinkle some cheese over the top…


Bake for approximately 20 minutes and presto, it’s dinner time !!!


The guys had Tortilla Chips with their’s, and I had mine in trimmifying mode…just scooped on my plate!!! ¬†This can also be served with a side salad for a yummilicious meal ūüôā

Next time, I might add some chopped peppers to it or some scallions or black olives to the top…this is a THM Friendly “S” meal (without any chips).


Simple Success ~ Chicken Soup

This single mama eats on the fly…but THM is my way of eating for life…being prepared and stocking up the freezer keeps me on track.

When I shop, I buy meat in bulk and usually cook in bulk even though it is only my teen son and myself at home…so here is one of our favorites:

1 – 2 pounds of White Meat Chicken ( I boil this in water when I purchase and freeze the cooked chicken and chicken stock separately (the chicken stock is the water I boiled the chicken in ūüôā )

6 cups of chicken stock and/or 32 oz. of Organic Chicken Broth (I use two 32 oz. containers if I do not have any chicken stock)

img_05564 celery stalks chopped

12 radishes cut in quarters

2 cups of green cabbage finely chopped

2 carrots peeled and chopped (with a large recipe like this, this quantity is an insignificant amount of carbs)

1 small to medium onion chopped

1 cup broccoli florets (I add these in for the last minute of cooking before serving)

2 Tablespoons nutritional yeast

1 Tablespoon of Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute

2 teaspoons Indian curry powder (optional)

2 teaspoons garlic powder ( helps keep sickness away during the winter months, mosquitos away in the summer, and some people too!…if you eat too much ūüôā )

THM Mineral Salt & Pepper to taste


Place everything in your favorite cooking pot, bring to a boil, then simmer for 30-40 minutes (I use this time to do dishes…a.k.a. decompress from work…and do a few household items while my son does his homework)…then we catch up on the day’s events while eating a bowl of wholesome goodness!!! ¬†I like to pair this with¬†Nuke Queen’s Awesome Bread (FP) lightly toasted with butter and garlic (the use of more than 1 teaspoon of fat will change this to a THM Friendly “S” meal).


***Note this is definitely a “Drive Thru Sandy Sue” recipe…I use my food processor to individually chop the carrots, onions, and cabbage just by pulsing a couple of times…use your favorite seasonings instead of mine and post a comment to share other ideas…the soup alone is a THM friendly FP recipe ūüôā


The Okra Challenge

okra 2

Okay Ladies Tomorrow is Day 7 of the Okra Challenge, and I have a confession. I failed miserably in blogging the challenge. I also have a praise……I ate Okra and a lot of it!!

The Truth of the matter is the weekend got super busy, and today I worked a 10 hour shift, and to be honest I am too plum tired to make “Cry no more Brownies” tonight…….

The good news I was able to personally meet the challenge by making the “Choco Secret¬†Big Boy Smoothie” and the Taco Train Soup. It really worked perfectly for me.

I’ve come to learn I don’t dislike Okra. Quite the opposite. I don’t think it really has much taste.

As far as the scale moving I haven’t seen a big difference in weight loss, but I am not disappointed. It has only been 6 days as of this post. I am optimistic:)

I thought it might have some other unpleasant effects as well, like increasing gut motility which increases You know what!!¬†¬† Nope. Didn’t happen.

I have decided to continue to incorporate more Okra into my diet. Especially since I just purchased 6 bags! The Health benefits are too good to pass up, and adding 1 cup to a smoothie or a soup is no big deal to me.

How did you all do in the Okra Challenge!

What do ya’ll think of Okra??


Day 3 ~ Taco Train Soup


Okay Mama’s…so I¬†have heard some not so positive or complimentary¬†remarks regarding the newest THM recipe to hit the airwaves. ¬†Actually the descriptive adjectives…were…well…not so inviting. ¬†“Smells bad while cooking”…..”Looks like Dog food”….. just¬†to name a few.

So I decided to try this for myself, as the THM Taco Train Soup calls for 3 cups of Okra!!! ¬†I’m pretty much game for anything in this Okra challenge…..so thankfully I had all the ingredients on hand in my pantry and freezer. ¬†Love when that happens!

So I’ll list the Pros and Cons…

The Pros:

First, like all THM recipes…You must make¬†¬†this “your own”. ¬†By that, I mean follow the base recipe but, the flavor profile must be what¬†YOU¬†prefer. Like the girls say…Taste and¬†“Own it”. ¬† For instance, I am not a huge fan of Cumin (although I’m trying hard as it has more than a few health benefits) so I added Smoked Paprika and Onion Powder, with just 1 tsp of Cumin. ¬†Whatever rocks¬†YOUR boat in the spice world….that is what you want to use.

Secondly, it was simple and easy to make, compared to some recipes.  You do need a Blender but mine is out on the counter as  I use it almost daily.


0901161436 (1)

Frying The Lean Ground Beef

I thought it smelled heavenly while it was cooking.  I simmered it on a very low flame for well over  an hour.  The soup aroma was truly wonderful.  My Hubby smelled it as soon as he pulled in the garage!


With The added Spices and Petite Diced Tomatoes


The “Little Gem” that helps make this Soup so healthy and slimming

3 Cups Frozen Okra …….Blended

0901161504 (1)

Blended Cauliflower

Recipe¬†calls for 24oz. Frozen Cauliflower. ¬†I only had 16 oz….so I used what I had on hand.

This helps thicken the Soup and gives it a creamy feel.


The Finished Product

The Cons:

This is not the most eye appealing meal. ¬†I don’t know if I would go as far to say it resembled “Dog Food” but¬†it is not very pretty. ¬†However, it is very flavorful, and it is loaded with Trimmifying ingredients. ¬†Would I serve it to company?….Honestly….probably not (Unless of course it was a fellow¬†Trim Healthy Mama!)¬†I wasn’t thrilled with the consistency of the soup.

¬†However, My Hubby Loved it. ¬†A Winner all the way around for Him. ¬†I am way¬†more of¬†a fan of broth based soups and may consider tweaking the recipe after the Okra Challenge. ¬†I probably would leave the Cauliflower and Okra whole. ¬†That would make this recipe even simpler ūüôā

The Soup is considered a FP, which in my opinion makes it extremely versatile and that’s a winner in my book. ¬†It also makes a large amount which is another major winner for me. ¬†It would be super simple to freeze in single size servings.

The printable recipe contains a lot of info regarding all the health benefits of the soup, which I appreciated and found helpful and informative. If you missed printing it at the beginning of the post, you can print it here.

Bottom Line…..Would I make it again? ¬†You betcha. ¬†It is super healthy for me, super trimmifying and not expensive. ¬†It is also very flavorful and a great way to get Okra in my diet! ¬†So what are you waiting for Senora? ¬†Jump on the Taco Train to Trim & Healthy!!

Day 2 ~ Okra Challenge


Day 2 of Our Okra Challenge, and I’m keeping it Simple. ¬†This does not have to be complicated!

I am having the Choco Big Boy Smoothie again, this time I am adding the 4 tsp Pressed Peanut Flour and making The Choco Nut Version. (Bottom of  Page 415)

The goal here is to get in 1 cup of Okra a day. ¬†Not only for¬†it’s slimming benefits, but all the health benefits.

If any of you tried this yesterday and thought you could taste the Okra…try this version. ¬†It just might do the trick!!

Happy September 1st ~ Day 1 Okra Challenge

septemberHappy September 1st. ¬†Today is Day 1 of the 7 day Okra Challenge…..So let’s get to it!

For the 1st day of this challenge, I decided to start easy….I made the Choco Secret Big Boy (FP) on Page 415 of the Cookbook.


This smoothie packs a full cup of Okra. ¬†My goal is 1 cup of Okra per day, so I figured I would get it in first thing ūüôā ūüôā


You can see my frozen Okra in the lower right corner. ¬†Actually, I have not had this smoothie with the Okra before…. but it went together super easy!


Here it is blended before the Ice and Whey. ¬†I did not add the extra THM Collagen but may try that in the future. ¬†I would imagine you would need a good blender. ¬†I have a Vitamix, and I blended until there were no signs of the “green stuff”.


The finished product……I had to drink a good amount to really share my thoughts. ¬†First, I could not taste the Okra at all, and it was completely blended. ¬†I added a full tsp of vanilla vs. 1/2 and omitted the THM Collagen. ¬†Otherwise I followed the recipe. ¬†I think in the future I will add more ice (I used 1 cup).

This is a winner for me. ¬†First, it’s a Fuel Pull (FP), it¬†wasn’t difficult to make, and it has a FULL CUP OF OKRA!!

Day 1 of the challenge down for this Chickie. ¬†If you make this, please let us know what you think.¬† If you’re doing this challenge with us, share what you are making to get your Okra in for today!! ¬†We will be over on our FB page….Hope to see you there!!


SANDY HERE: ¬†Without even knowing that Michelle was having the Choco Secret Big Boy, I too had the same “green stuff” in my breakfast. ¬†I did, however, use the THM Collagen…I added an entire tablespoon of coconut oil to make mine an “S”…Love the versatility of the THM Plan to suit your own individual needs / tastes…so my newly teenage son has a new funny…every time I ask him a question that could have the answer “okay”, he now answers “Okra”…my kid cracks me up!!!