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July 2016

Pack up Cadets: We’re Headed Home!


You Made it!  The challenge is over……It’s been a crazy 31 days!

First, and foremost You all Rock.  All of you that participated, those that just watched and cheered on others, those that started but didn’t finish….Every Single one of you rocks…You know why?  Because You’re here.  You showed up.

This challenge was challenging!!  Hopefully you all gained some insight into your activity levels as well as your eating habits and, hopefully you were able to better understand and incorporate S, E, and FP meals and snacks.

We will definitely be doing a Boot Camp again…It was fun!

We are sorry about the final week being so sparse.  We needed the site changed over by August 1st, and our Web Designer is on vacation for the next week.  We needed the site moved and the bugs worked out before the 1st!  Unfortunately, we were not able to post during the switch, so we apologize for that.

Stay tuned as we keep the momentum going around here and encourage you to fit activity in…..here…..there…..and everywhere during this final month of Summer!!

We are Mamas on a Mission…..to finding BALANCE and JOY on this journey to health & wellness!


Week 4 ~ The “Magic of Fuel Pull”

Boot Camp 4

Cadets you are entering Week 4……Your Final Week of Boot Camp!


Hopefully your “E” meals energized you for the final haul!!

Fuel Pull is pure “THM Magic” …. When we eat in FP mode … we force our body to burn  its own Fat stores…..

Here’s your Assignment for the next 7 days…..

Replace 2 meals (preferably lunch) with a FP Meal

Enjoy the Shrinker at least 4 days this week

Replace at least ONE snack with a FP snack


Shrinker Pg. 400 – We’ve been Enjoying the Healing Shrinker…(Note at bottom of Pg. 400)

Fat Stripping Frappe Pg. 418

All Day Sippers Pg. 397-406  (Perfect time to try something new!)

Strawberry Big Boy Smoothie Pg. 414

Root Beer Float Pg. 444  (We like to Jazz it Up with Polar vanilla flavored Seltzer Water)

Praline Protein Bars Pg. 391


Joseph Crackers with Laughing Cow Cheese Pg. 453

Apple Dip Pg. 466

Strawberry Muffin Pg. 281

Cottage Berry Whip Pg. 374

All the above Suggestions and Snacks are from  Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook!

Push hard the next 7 days Cadets…We are almost there!!!!!

Week 3 ~ Exercise Assignment


I am sorry this post is a few days late.  Hopefully You’ve all been moving, and keeping track of your daily activity level.

It’s been 2.5 weeks since we’ve started this Boot Camp program, and hopefully you have built up a little endurance by increasing your steps daily……

This week’s challenge is a bit different……Just DO SOMETHING this week that shows you’re moving and increasing your activity level!  Then post it on our Facebook page.  Maybe you couldn’t make it to the mail box before and now you can.

Maybe you’ve only been able to achieve 3500 steps daily…but you’re feeling it and you’re turning up the heat this week and are going for 5000 steps!!  When you make it, we want to know!!  We are cheering you on…..Can’t you hear us chanting our Platoon Cadence………..


We are Mamas on a Mission

We are working in our kitchins’

Making healthy trimming food

Putting us in a great mood

Workin’ hard and Gettin’ Lean

Makin’ it happen in 2016!!!


Or maybe you’re ready to walk a mile or two…….2 days this week……

Maybe it’s a bike ride with your Kiddos……a Kayak ride with your Bestie….or a Hike with your Hubby…..

WHATEVER you can achieve this week…..Do it!!!!!!…..then PLEASE post to share with the rest of us!  Your story does matter, and it might just be the encouragement your fellow cadet needs…………

We are Half Way There!!! ~ Week 3 Assignment


A.T.T.E.N.T.I.O.N. Cadets:

We are half way through Boot Camp!!  Did You hear me???   WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

(Insert Happy Dance) 🙂

If you have been faithfully following along in this challenge, your body is more than ready for this week’s 7-day challenge.

We are going to be adding in some “Energizing” Carbs.  Precisely 3-4 “E” meals over the next 7 days…that’s “E” meals…. NOT “E” days!

We will still be eating predominately “S” meals, but this week, we are adding in a few Healthy Carbs!  Slow burning Carbs, NOT the “sky rocket your blood sugar” kinda Carbs (aka)….Processed carbs!

Here’s a few guidelines:


Keep E meals to 45 Net Carbs

(Beans, Quinoa, Rolled Oats,  3/4 cup)

Anchor Meals in Lean Protein

(Lean Turkey, Chicken Without Skin, White Fish, Egg Whites)

Limit Fat to no more than 5 Gm

( One teaspoon of Fat is a good rule of thumb)

Consider E meals for Breakfast or Lunch

(Creamy Grains, Waldorf Cottage Cheese salad)


Continue to Consume Coconut Oil daily while is S mode!!

Read Pages 299-300 in Plan Book for a quick overview of E mode


Stay Tuned for my Favorite E Meals………..

Boot Camp Week #2 Recap


Well cadets week two is almost behind us…

  • Read Pages 297 – 298 in the THM Plan Book…Satisfying Meal Recap
  • Eat Fats:  Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil, Butter
  • Strive to have a tablespoon of coconut oil every day (cook with it, add it to a recipe)
  • Pull back on carbs
  • Increase your activity level
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad, Page 190 (E)

Chef salad with ranch dressing (S)

Two slices of sprouted grain bread with 3 – 4 ounces of white meat chicken & mustard (E), cut up fresh raw veggies

Joseph’s Lavish Pita or Wrap with Tuna or Chicken Salad, or deli meat, and mayo (S)…you add your favorite fixins’

Wendy’s Baconator (no bun) / Five Guys Burger or two with all the fixins’ (no bun)

LEFTOVERS 🙂 … one of my favorites is leftovers from dinner 🙂


Wounded Soldier…….

bc 1

Cadets…Sorry It’s been a rather quiet weekend on the Blog and our Facebook page.  I have been nursing a wounded Soldier, actually a 4 Star General…my Handsome THM Hunk.

I am so thankful today it appears he may be on the mend, but he is having a very serious allergic reaction…Unfortunately, we are not sure what he is reacting to.  He has been having a slew of tests, and it seems we’ve been at the Doctors twice a week for the last couple of weeks.

He was doing fairly well until around Thursday of this past week, then the reaction became more severe and literally covered nearly every inch of His body.  I am so thankful for friends, family, Church family and that our God is “The Great Physician”!

We are awaiting to see yet another specialist…but the reaction seems to have stopped spreading, and may start to be resolving!!!!!

We have been juicing and eating fresh greens, drinking tons of H20 and Good Girl Moonshine.  We have also been using ACV to help control the itching!, and last but not least using Coconut Oil on the most severe areas of His legs with great results!!

On top of it all, I was going into the kitchen to get him a drink, and stubbed my pinky toe.  Now my right foot is killing me!  I had broken my 5th digit several years ago, and I’m pretty sure I did it again!!:((


Pedometer is on, and I’m not letting this slow me down……….

I’m moving slower…but I am still moving!!

Boot Camp is almost half way over….. Stay Strong….Stay tough, and let’s Finish the Course…Obstacles and all!!!!!







Week 2 ~ Exercise Challenge


Cadets…you’ve completed your first Exercise Challenge….Way to go!!  We have heard from many of you, and we are soooo encouraged with your stories of triumph!!!!

This week’s challenge will be more of the same.  We want to keep you movin’ and increase endurance.  Don’t stop what you’ve all got going…You’re just getting this thing down.  This week we will turn up the heat…..

So without further ado…..

Hopefully you all have determined your current activity level:

Sedentary:  less than 5,ooo steps

 Low Active:  more than 5,000 steps

Somewhat Active:  7,500 – 9,999

Active:  10,000 or more

Last Week’s challenge:

Sedentary or Inactive:  Increase your steps by 50 steps per day

Low Active:  Increase your steps by 75 steps per day

Somewhat Active:  Increase your steps by 100 per day

Active:  Increase your steps by 150 per day


This Week’s Challenge:

Sedentary – Increase by 100 steps per day

Low Active – Increase by 125 steps per day

Somewhat Active – Increase by 150 steps per day

Active – Increase by 200 steps


We are turning up the Heat…..This Challenge is for the next 7 days……7/9-7/16

It doesn’t matter your current activity level…do not be discouraged…Look forward Cadet…not behind


We are asking you to log your daily steps and strive to increase daily…For example, 200 steps extra per day can be achieved by walking up and down a flight of stairs twice.

We are also asking you to Post Your Steps to our Facebook page each day!  Let’s encourage and be accountable to one another!!

This Challenge Starts Today!!   You can DO this!!

Recruit Assignment ~ Week 2 Bring On the Buttah!!!



Cadets….  You made it through Week One!    We are Proud of You!! 7 days of this challenge is behind You!!

But this challenge is far from over!!

Your Week 2 assignment is as follows:

Bring on the Buttah!! 

For the next 7 days you will be eating FAT….Pull back on the Carbs…

FAT will be your main source of Fuel…..

Bulk up the Fats in your Diet. Specifically Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, MCT Oil or Avocado Oil. Remember Fats do not make us fat. Listen Up Cadet….FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT… Eating Carbohydrates in the presence of Fat makes us fat!

The second half of your assignment this week is to eat Coconut Oil in some form everyday. Making Trimmy Rich, Putting it in your Smoothies for S mode, or frying your eggs or vegetables in it…the choice is yours.

If you need review, Pgs. 297-298 in the Plan Book is a great Recap of  S mode…..

Here’s a few ideas from the Cook Book to get you started:

  • Trimmy Rich-Pg. 430
  • Super Food Chocolate Chews- Pg.383
  • Enchilada Wonder Wrap Casserole- Pg. 145
  • Trimtastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake- Pg. 296
  • Treeces Pg. 378
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Shake-Pg. 412

I made the Treeces for the first time this past week!! Oh My Word….What a wonderful delicious yummy treat!

I also made the Enchilada Wonder Wrap Casserole for the first time. This meal is so delicious I made it 2 nights in a row because my family LOVED it!


Last Weeks Assignment was  tough…..pulling back the 5 whites is hard…especially Sugar…Be proud Cadets!!

This week should be a wee bit easier!!!!!!





Boot Camp Week #1 Recap


Well cadets week one is almost behind us…

  • Weigh-in and measurements
  • Monitor your activity level and establish an increase based on your current activity level
  • Remove the 5 Whites
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate…add GGMS (Good Girl Moonshine) to get the health benefits of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and to get that metabolism revvin’ 🙂


FOR BREAKFAST…here are some options to vary up so you don’t get bored:

  • Ol’ reliable: Eggs (as many as you need to keep you “S”atisfied for 3-4 hours) with bacon, sausage, cheese, “S” veggies (See Page 35 in THM Plan Book)…TIP:  I use 2 whole eggs then add some egg whites to “beef” it up a bit…I am 10-15 pounds away from my goal weight and am focusing on healthy choices that are not excessively heavy in fats so I do try to “pare” back a bit.
  • Fields of Green Omcake (Page 240 in THM Cookbook)…Love this recipe, and it is super healthy!!!
  • French Toast in a Bowl (Page 266 in THM Cookbook)…This is a favorite for many of our local Journey Chickies!!! I always add cinnamon to the batter; sometimes, I skip the PB; then add Buttah, THM Maple Syrup (super easy to make, Page 480), and a tablespoon of nuts for a more “traditional” french toast.  Although the recipe says to microwave for 90 seconds, mine is done in 78 seconds.
  • Fat Strippin’ Frappa (Fuel Pull…Page 418 in THM Cookbook) and a Muffin in a Mug (S)…here is my recipe for my favorite: 1 egg, 2 Tblspn. THM Baking Blend, 1 Tblspn. ground flax meal, 1 Tblspn. Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Cocoa, 1 Tblspn. water, ½ teaspoon baking powder, 2 teaspoons THM Super Sweet Blend, 1 Tblspn. Aldi organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil…all mixed in a mug (consistency should not be thick & pasty, add a drop or two of water…or runny & loose, add a dash or two of Baking Blend or ground flax meal)…microwave for 45-60 seconds (or bake at 350 degrees for 8 – 10 minutes)…once cooked, I add to the top Buttah, ½ a Tblspn. of nuts, and ½ a Tblspn. of Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate Chips…this is perfect for those of you with a hefty appetite in the morning…like me!


  • One cup Aldi Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt, 1 teaspoon THM Gentle Sweet, topped with one cup of berries (or a 1/2 cup of blueberries) for a Fuel Pull (FP)…OR a cup of “E”nergizing fruit (See Page 51 in the THM Plan Book)…this is perfect for those of you who don’t like to eat heavy in the morning…you are getting a good dose of protein and some healthy fruit.
  • One cup or ½ cup of cottage cheese (I prefer Daisy 2% as it does not have a lot of “junk” in it, but it is expensive and our local grocery stores don’t always have it…so sometimes I resort to Aldi 1%)…topped with one cup of berries (or a 1/2 cup of blueberries) for a Fuel Pull (FP)…OR a cup of “E”nergizing fruit (See Page 51 in the THM Plan Book)…again, this is perfect for those of you who don’t like to eat heavy in the morning…you are getting a good dose of protein and some healthy fruit.

March on Cadets and push through the detox of the 5 white…we are in the “Battle of the Bulge” 🙂

If you do not have the THM Plan Book or Cookbook, Braggs ACV, Hershey Sugar Free Chocolate Chips, or other Amazon shopping needs, please consider using our Amazon Affiliate link on the right side of the blog to help defray the cost of the blog…Thank you for your support!!!

First Few Days at Boot Camp are Rocky! Hang Tough Cadet!!

boot camp 2

I know we did not Physically leave to attend Boot Camp…but you will be leaving some things behind in our Boot Camp Challenge.  Just as leaving  family and friends would be very difficult, so is changing the way we see food.

You will likely miss some of the comfort foods (aka highly processed carby foods) in your diet.  No worries the first couple days are the worst and then you will settle in.  As your body consumes less sugar…You may not feel at your best the first few days!

Hang Tight Cadet…It gets much better.

Removing the 5 Whites is probably the toughest part of this entire challenge. Just imagine as if you landed at Boot Camp and your Drill Sargent asked you to drop and give 50 push-ups. My guess is the first week that would be extremely difficult if not impossible. However, at the end of Boot Camp it is likely that would not be a problem, and very likely you could give more!

Boot Camp is a preparation for eating the THM lifestyle, and this plan works.

Hang Tight Cadets….the best is yet to come!!

Remember Hydration during this week is key!!