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June 2016

How do You know where you’re going…..If you don’t know where you are?


Ok Recruits your assignment today is to get your Measurements. We did this last night at our Kickoff meeting!

When you arrive at Boot Camp, the Medic gives you the once over.  You get Height, Weight, and Measurements, and oh yeah Shots, lots of Shots…the painful kind, with a big loooooooong needle.

Haha….don’t get worried we’re not giving shots here!  LOL

Normally we are not about numbers around here, but this particular challenge is a wee bit different.  We hope you’re all ok with that!

Sometimes we avoid the scale….well….because it’s a little like our checkbook…it’s brutally honest!!

We want to have baseline measurements for all our recruits, and this information is for your eyes only.

We have a beautiful measuring chart that you can print here.  The measuring chart is for 12 weeks, but this challenge will focus on the 4 weeks of Boot Camp!  It’s very user friendly and will help you obtain a good baseline.  You can also locate the chart in our side bar.

After you obtain your measurements, tuck it away in a nice safe place 🙂 We will have some fun throughout the challenge and some fun giveaways with this information 🙂 No Pressure ladies….This Challenge is for FUN!

Remember if you don’t like your measurements at the beginning of this challenge, You have 31 days dedicated to fixing just that, all while focusing on Health & Wellness!!

2 Days to Boot Camp!! 


Is Your Mess Hall Ready?

AJ2TNH - Mess Hall

Is your “Mess Hall” stocked?

We are just a few days away from leaving for Boot Camp!!!


A sipper, real ginger or powdered ginger, Stevia Sweetener (THM Sweeteners are my favorite), ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)…hydration will be key.

Eggs, chicken, hamburger meat, tuna fish…

Veggies galore…Fruit {but not so galore 🙂 }

Joseph’s Flax Seed, Oat Bran, Whole Wheat Lavish wraps or pitas, Trader Joe’s Sprouted Grain Bread…(If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, Aldi’s has Sprouted Grain Bread)

Almond or cashew milk, coconut oil, BUTTAH, ranch dressing (I prefer Newman’s), unsweetened cocoa powder, chia seeds…

1% cottage cheese, fat free plain Greek yogurt, low fat cheese sticks for quick snacks…

Although this wonderful meal plan can have AMAZING SUCCESS with only a few special ingredients, the list below are my favorites which took a bit of time and patience to acquire:

  • Pristine Whey Protein
  • Baking Blend & Oat Fiber
  • Defatted Peanut Flour
  • Pure Stevia, Gentle Sweet, & Super Sweet Blend

If not, then click HERE for all your THM needs…local Cadettes, we have plenty of stock for you!


I’M READY…Let’s get a shout out in the comments section if you are ready too!

Got Manual?!?



What is a Manual?  A book of instructions, especially for operating a machine or learning a subject; a handbook…hmmm…I want my body to “operate” properly…since starting the Trim Healthy Mama meal plan, I have had more energy, and overall feel soooo much better than where I started at (click on the “About Us” tab to see where I started…yikes!!!).

Without your manual (and referring to it regularly)…..makes it very easy to “slip up”.  By regularly eating on plan, leads to that…you know…”slow & steady wins the race” scenario…that’s what I want for me and for YOU!!!

So….do you have your manual?  If not, click, here to get your manual or click up on our side bar!



Exercise Challenge ~ Week 1





          OZO Fitness Pedometer

OK Recruits…..Week 1 Exercise Challenge will be pretty  Simple…..Move more everyday!!

And there’s a way you can measure this, and we don’t mean by sore muscles!

Any tool that will measure your daily steps will work.  For me, I love the ease and use of a Pedometer.

I personally LOVE my pedometer.  I have a Weight Watchers pedometer.  It was a bit pricey though around $34….3 years ago.  The One pictured above is around $20 on Amazon and very similar to the one I have.  I’ve only replaced the small battery once.  I wear it often, and I find it very durable.  I wear mine exercising, hiking and while I am working.  Now mind you I am not techie…not even a little bit, so the simplicity of this is perfect for me.

I realize some of you have capability through an app on your Smart Phones (I tried it….didn’t work for me) although my Son uses it with great success.  I just think the Pedometer is a great tool!  Mine automatically resets at 12am.

The information it provides is simple…It tells you how many steps you’ve moved in a 24-hr period.  Steps translate into activity and activity translates into exercise!!

The goal for the first week of Boot Camp will be to wear it everyday and measure your daily activity.  Ideally you really should wear or use whatever measuring device works for you, (Fitbit, Smartphone app, My fitness pal, etc) for a few days to get an average of how many steps you are currently taking in a 24-hour period. Warning….don’t clip it on and then go mow the lawn, swim 10 laps, and go hike Mt. Everest. That will NOT give you an accurate assessment of your current activity level.  Just go about your regular daily activities.  Business as usual.  This is pretty interesting info if you’ve never done this before. The average activity levels are as follows:

People who take fewer than 5,000 steps are considered to be sedentary or inactive.  Those who take 5,000 to 7,499 steps daily have a low active lifestyle.  Somewhat active people usually take 7,500 to 9,999 steps per day.  People considered to be active take 10,000 or more steps per day.


Here is a picture of my pedometer that I wore on our family’s recent vacation.  I absolutely love the simplicity of this.  No thinking…no downloading…no charging.  Clip it on and go!  Yep, that’s my kind of fitness tool, but use whatever works for you!  Make it simple and not complicated.  That will ensure greater success with using it.  The key is to gain the knowledge of how active you are in any given day.  Days will obviously differ depending on the days activity, but my personal goal is to always be above 12,000, but I’ve been at this awhile.

Your goal should be to wear your device for 2-3 days prior to July 1st (that’s why we are posting now so you can get whatever device you choose in place), and have a good idea of what your daily activity level is.  We will share all the information you need prior to deployment!!

Mama’s on a Mission….get ready to mobilize our Platoon!!






What do Recruits bring to Boot Camp?

boot camp 3

Answer:  Not much…

After doing a little research and checking with my hubby who was in the National Guard for 8 years…You shouldn’t bring much to Boot Camp.  They will issue you everything you need.

According to Military.com which lists what you may and may not bring to boot camp, it’s pretty basic.  This is the list for Army/National Guard

  • Personal hygiene kit*
  • Two plain towels (optional)
  • Stationary and stamps (optional)
  • Sports Bra FEMALES ONLY (optional)
  • Regular Bra FEMALES ONLY (optional)
  • White calf length socks with no logos or color on them (optional)
  • Hair restraints to match hair color. FEMALES ONLY (optional)
  • Shower shoes (Plain not fancy) (optional)
  • Civilian clothes (no more than 1 set)*
  • Personal address book (optional)
  • Female hygiene items

For Marines…even less

  • Driver’s license or Picture ID
  • $20 (approximately)
  • The clothes on your back

The point is the military does not want you cumbered with “material things”.  They want you totally focused.  I thought it interesting hair accessories must be the color of your hair.  White socks, no logo or color.  Plain shoes, not fancy….another words no distractions.  Focused Intensity…….

What distractions do you have that are keeping you from Focused Intensity in the area of Health & Wellness?

As we prepare to head to Boot Camp, what are your distractions?  Write them down (Preferably in your Journal), then do what you can to minimize those distractions over the next 31 days.  Set aside whatever weight is holding you back for the next 31 days…..If you choose…you can pick it up again in 31 days…but for now do what you can to have Focused Intensity……

You may find that after 31 days you don’t need……………..(You fill in the blank) anymore!!!!!

And The Winner Is……………..

TNH_JourneyBootCamp2 (1)OK, so it was a little Challenging since you all voted on here, our FB page and a few votes came in via email, but we have a winner!!

Thank you to all who took the time to Vote!  It sure is an encouragement to us!!  We are Excited to share that the name of our Platoon for the July Journey Boot Camp is:

Sheri Hawkins says:

Mamas on a Mission 😀


The name was entered by Sheri Hawkins, the brains and talent “behind the scenes” around here.  She is our Web Designer Extraordinaire!!  We are so excited that she won, and we think it’s a great name and suits our Journey perfectly!

We surely are Mama’s on a Mission…and that mission is scheduled to deploy in Just a few more days!!!

Stay tuned as we share our thoughts on What to bring to Boot Camp!

Let The Voting Begin!

TNH_JourneyBootCamp2 (1)

    We had some great suggestions in the “Name Our Platoon Contest!!!”

The entries are as follows:

Alpha Tango Trimmies

The Queen lean trimmin machines!

Mamas on a Mission

Girls Getting Trim

July Journey

Marching Mama’s

Alpha Bravo Getting Lean in 2016

Leave a comment on this post stating your favorite name and we will announce the Winner and reveal our Platoon name tomorrow!

If you are participating in the July Journey Boot Camp with us  please cast your vote!!

Help Us Name Our Platoon

OK Recruits we have your first Boot Camp Assignment, and NO it’s not cut your hair!



We must name our Platoon.  For those not familiar with military jargon, a Platoon is a group of soldiers led by a squadron leader.  Our Platoon is our Journey group, and we need a name for this challenge!

So we are asking you to leave your suggestions on this post.  Then we will post all the suggestions in a separate post and let you all vote.  The suggestion with the most votes wins!

We need our name before our 6/28/16 Kickoff begins…..So leave us your comments!! We will take Suggestions until Monday, June 20, at 12Noon EST, then have you vote on Tuesday, June 21. We will Announce the winner and our Platoon name on Wednesday!!

I’ll go first:

Alpha, Bravo Gettin‘ Lean in 2016

Oh I almost forgot…whoever wins, will get this cool “O Say Can You Bake” Patriotic Spatula!  Just in time to make your THM July 4th goodies!!!

0617161002 (1)


July Journey Boot Camp: A 31-Day Dedication to Health & Wellness

TNH_JourneyBootCamp2 (1)We are so excited to share this exciting opportunity with you all!  We are encouraging a 31-day dedication challenge in July to Refocus & Reboot our Health & Wellness goals for 2016.

Maybe you have made less than stellar progress in 2016 so far…but that’s all about to change!!  No Mama left behind!

What the 31-Day challenge offers for Local Mamas:

  • Each Participant will receive a Journey Welcome Gift bag ($10 value)
  • An accountability partner for the 31-Day Challenge
  • Assistance with Menu Building
  • Focus on Simple Quick Meal Preparation
  • Meetings held every Tuesday for the Month of July with our Kick off date on 6/28/16
  • Mess Hall (a.k.a. kitchen time) each week with brand new never before recipes
  • Weekly Product Specials
  • Different Exercise Challenges for those wishing to participate (Not mandatory but Highly Encouraged!)
  • Weekly Prizes and Giveaways

For those Mama’s not local, there will be plenty of encouraging posts, helpful tips, and lots of encouragement on the Blog & Facebook pages throughout the 31-day challenge.  If you are looking to Reboot….We encourage you to check the blog daily starting Monday, June 20,2016 for helpful tips on how to prepare for Boot Camp.

We are going to strive to see results in this 31-day challenge.  Measurements and Weights on 6/28 and on the last meeting date of July.

This Challenge is for those who are seriously looking to reboot and are seeking results.  This challenge will be more intense than our previous challenges.  For those Mama’s not interested in this challenge, don’t fret, we will be back to our regularly scheduled program at the end of August.

It’s not too late for Gettin’ Lean in 2016 goals……Are you up for the Challenge?  Are you ready to see results?  Are you seriously looking to dedicate and apply yourself for 31 days?  If so, we are here to support and encourage you through this month!

Hope to see you at Boot Camp!

For Cyber Mama’s looking to join the challenge with us, register below and we will contact you with more information:

July Journey Boot Camp has completed but you can still sign up for email updates - enter your email address at the top of the sidebar!

If you haven’t started your Journey yet, CLICK HERE to start…


Some of your 2016 Goals from our New Year’s Giveaway

We hosted a New Year’s Day Giveaway, asking you to post your 2016 Goals…..here are a few of the comments…..


    Lorrie:   Happy New Year Michelle and Sandy. Your goal setting series has helped me in many ways. First it got me motivated to purchase a journal and then to think about what I want my goal(s) for 2016 to be and then write them down. Your guidance helped me to list the what, why and how to achieve my goals. Thank you so much for your continued support and knowledge. I’m looking forward to our first meeting of 2016. ❤️

Sharon: I love the daily reminder idea. I have a pair of Ralph Lauren slacks I am going to hang on my door! Thanks so much!

Marge: This is going to be my year! Last year a test run, maybe I have all my ducks in a row now. Thank you both for all you do for us. A Journal is a great tool.

Megan G: My Goal setting series is helping me because its making me face what I want to do & making it a reality. I’ve done Smart Goals before as well as pen and paper and they really, really help set me up for success. I need to have so much success with my goals this time. Thanks so much for taking the time to blog about such an important goal setting subject!!

Sheila H: I’ve never been one to journal or actually write down my goals on paper … They are always in my head but not written down😃 This goal setting series has really motivated me to change it up for 2016. I’m at that place called “DONE” Michelle and Sandy. I want 2016 to be my year of success!

Jeanie L: Your idea of setting measurable and specific goals is teaching me to focus on smaller daily goals that make my journey to better health reachable. I’m counting smaller victories that lead to the larger goal of a healthy life. Thank you THM!

Maryanne: Happy New Year to you both, as well! I have been encouraged to have you push us to set “measurable” goals. Easy to set goals but measurable makes the difference! God bless you for all you do and let’s get this 2016 journey started!!

Rachel: Your goal series is helping me to take my way and push it further than I have ever had before. I have a journal with my goals written, my why is powerful and my goals are measurable. In addition I have accountability partners across all spectrums of my life. I am ready to make 2016 the year of health, vitality and abundance.

These are just a few of the many comments we received….Hope they motivate you to achieve your 2016 goals…It’s not too late!!