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April 2016

Journey Spotlight ~ Miss Pam

TNH_JourneySpotlightWe are fast approaching Our One Year Anniversary as a local journey group.  We are super stoked with all the hard work and success our local Journey group has had  that we want to celebrate our individual members here on 2mamasonamission.com.  We hope their success will encourage you as they have encouraged us!

This month we are going to highlight one of our earliest members affectionately known to our local group as Miss Pam.


Miss Pam is center with her arms folded across:)

First a huge thanks for her willingness to share her Journey with our readers 🙂

Pam came to us around July 2015 after having some success on another very expensive weight loss program.  Her estimated cost of her previous “weight loss” program was a whopping $300.00/per month!  Sounds like it was a weight loss program for her wallet!  She did have some success with this program, but it was not sustainable secondary to cost.


This pic was in the Fall of 2015

We assured her we could help her find food freedom, regain health & wellness, while also shrinking her waistline, and she wouldn’t have to shrink her wallet in the process!!!  She was a titch reluctant at first…but has whole hardily embraced the plan and is a faithful attender of our meetings as well as a great encouragement to those new comers who are just beginning their Journey.

We asked Pam to write about her thoughts regarding her journey:

“My weight loss journey has been a long one!  After my 3 kids were born, as the years went by my weight went up.  I tried other plans to lose, and the cost alone depressed me enough to eat!  I only lost a few pounds here or there….Then I found THM. I decided to try this after a woman in my church shared she was drinking shakes for breakfast that were delicious.  She also told me she didn’t have to give up desserts!  I have lost a total of 26 lbs. and multiple inches (I didn’t measure in the beginning). I love the food, and the variety that I can eat.  I feel so much better and I have found my life’s solution.”


Love this Pic..it truly embraces Pam’s fun loving style!


So many inches gone!!

Miss Pam is a gem of a gal, and we all love her dearly.  I am grateful she is a part of this beautiful group of smart, strong and courageous Women that we meet with locally!  She adds a lot of “flavor” to our group, and we love her for it!

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How Many Times Can I Hit The Reset Button?

reset 2

Truth is: As many times as you need too.  One….Ten…..One Hundred or One Thousand times.  The number is really inconsequential.  What matters is you keep trying.  You show up everyday….give it your best….even if you fail.


“Many Of Life’s Failures Are people Who Did Not Realize How Close They Were To Success When They Gave Up.”

Thomas A. Edison

I sure am glad Thomas Edison didn’t give up, or I would be writing to you all in the dark!!

I promised you authentic……remember?  It is my 2016 theme word…..so here it is…..I haven’t lost any weight recently.  The truth is,  I’ve gained weight…6.5# to be exact.  I bolded that so you won’t miss it.  Yep you read that right, and I’m one of the authors of this blog.  I’m a partner in a a side business to help women achieve health & wellness.  I co-teach a local Journey group, and I’m gloriously…..wonderfully Human.   Just like you.

See, if we only share the mountain tops (and we love to celebrate those victories), it leaves us helpless and hopeless when we are in the valley, and we will be in a valley at some point.  Maybe you’re in one today.  Don’t despair Mama…and don’t you dare give up!!  That’s life.  That’s just how it rolls.  There will be good days and bad days, just like Mama said.

I have had wonderful personal success with the THM plan, as have many of you.  The plan did not fail.  I did.  Life got busy, priorities shifted…and busyness got in the way.

I am not hopeless.  I know what to do.  I have a safe healthy eating plan.  I am not defined by the number on the scale.  I refuse to succumb to shame and despair.  Quite the opposite.  Can you all hear the Rocky theme in the background?

This I know…….I am not going backward.  I have refocused my compass and got out my map.

I’m on a Journey, and I’ve just taken a short detour.

In my heart I know that with THM I am 100%  headed in the right direction!!



Update: I wrote this blog post a bit ago.  I am so happy that I’m back in the saddle and the bloat, fogginess, and low energy has lifted!!  I feel 100% better when eating the THM way.  I am super thankful I didn’t get discouraged and quit.  If you are where I was just a few short weeks ago…..refocus your compass Mama’s, and get back on your Journey….I promise you will be glad you did!!

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