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March 2016

A Healthy Me

THM - Healthy Me

The best gift I can give anyone is a “Healthy” Me…

Baby Steps, Simple On-Plan Foods, Everyday = Simply Successful


  • Simple Sippers = GGMS, The Shrinker, Herbal Tea, Water…Simply Simple
  • Easy breakfast = Bacon (or sausage) and eggs (2-3 eggs, add egg whites to bulk up and keep fat moderate) OR Fat Strippin’ Frappa & Muffin in a Mug OR Plain Fat Free Greek yogurt & Fruit w/on-plan sweetener (not all “Stevia” sweeteners are trimmafying) OR 2% Cottage cheese & fruit
  • Lunch = Tuna on top of a salad OR leftover baked chicken on a Joseph’s Pita or Wrap w/cut up veggies OR Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad
  • Dinner = OPEN UP THE COOKBOOK FOR A “YAHOO” OF YUMMY FAMILY MEALS :-)…my favorites are Cheeseburger Pie, Rich & Tender Savory Stew, Soothe Your Soul Soup, Taco Salad, Cheese Hamburgers, Meatloaf, Meatball “Subs”, Pizza Casserole


Start your Journey 2 Trim ‘n’ Healthy by clicking HERE

THM - Healthy You

Tuesday’s Menu


Breakfast – (FP) Big Boy Smoothie with Fresh Strawberries (On sale at Hannaford $2 and very sweet)!

Lunch – (S) Broccoli/Cheddar Soup.  Not enough Protein…This is where I struggle on work days.

Dinner – (S) Pork Roast (On sale for $1.99 at Hannaford this week) with caramelized Onions, Rice for the Hubby (Crossover) for him and Sweet Potato for me (Crossover for me) and Steamed Asparagus.  All very Yummy.

Work day….so snacks were a flop….Gonna fix this.  Going to make the Praline Protein Bars Pg. 391 in the new cookbook.  Will let you know how they come out.  I am off Friday so I plan on doing Simple Snacks for the upcoming week.

Did manage to drink as much water as possible on a work day.  Do much better in this area when I am home.  So I drink a fair amount in the evening.

Made the Pork roast on Monday while I was off, and cooking in the Kitchen.  So Just had to warm everything up when I got home from work!  Made a quick pot of Rice for my hubby…and Viola nice meal on a work night.

Tonight is dinner out for me (I have a meeting after work) and my hubby will have dinner with his Dad.  Mine will be S mode with a crossover or two for sure!


Monday’s Simple Menu





My Very Simple Menu

I will do my best to space these meals 3 to no longer than 4 hours apart.  If you’re a beginner do your best…remember grace!

Breakfast – (E) Apple & Triple Zero Greek Yogurt

Lunch – (S) Soothe Your Soul Soup Pg. 115 (I am eating as an S as I used Ground Beef) with a bowl buttered Broccoli

I made a big pot of this Friday and we’ve been nibbling on this all weekend.  I will finish up today for lunch

Dinner – (S) Wise Shepherd’s Pie Pg. 134

My Hubby adores Shepherd’s pie.  This is the first time making this recipe from the book.  I will let you all know how this turns out.  We are off today so I have extra time to prepare a nice warm meal for us tonight as it is a crisp spring day here in Upstate NY.  I am adding this to the simple menu because I will make enough so that I can use for 2-3 other meals throughout the week.  Remember:  Work smarter not harder!!!  That is if hubby doesn’t eat it all!

No special drinks for me today except Water.  My goal is to drink 320z.  I have been slack in this area, and I’m keeping it extra simple.

Snack – 2 Clementine’s with a Fit n active cheese stick from Aldi

If you are detoxing sugar, add berries in throughout the day.  The natural fructose helps to blunt the withdrawal of glucose.  I like to add frozen raspberries into my water.  The frozen fruit keeps the water cold and there’s a nice little yummy treat at the end of the glass of water.  I did this all the time in the beginning of my Journey, and I’m going back to the basics!!

Happy Monday Chickies!!!!

Decision Fatigue


I LOVE the quote “Perfection is the enemy of progress.”  I am not sure who first said this, but it is good…real good.  We talk about this often in our Journey group, because I think we as Women fall into this trap…a lot.

It can be over whelming to open up the Cookbook and plan meals, especially in the beginning or in busy seasons of life.  There is no doubt a learning curve…

I have thought back to what worked so well for me when I first started on this journey, and quite honestly it was simplicity…because frankly that’s all I knew.  I hadn’t read the whole book.  I hadn’t read the chapters on higher learning.  I didn’t understand all the special ingredients or supplements.  I read S, E and FP.  I read and completely understood Metabolic Insulin Resistance (Insulin Delivery Truck), and I made a few simple meals and ate them…consistently, and I had great success.

It is stated that Einstein wore the same exact outfit every single day.  A black suit, white shirt and black tie.  He had several of each, but never spent any time deciding what he was going to wear.  The same can be said of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and President Barack Obama. Think what you like of these men, but all have been very successful…at least according to the World’s standards.

The great American author Henry David Thoreau once stated:  “Our life is frittered away by detail.  Simply, simplify.”

There is a concept floating around called Decision Fatigue:  It is stated this is a real psychological condition in which “a person’s productivity suffers as a result of becoming mentally exhausted from making so many irrelevant decisions.”   That is exactly why the above men chose to limit the amount and type of daily decisions to make.  By limiting the amount of non-essential decisions, these men saved energy and focus for those decisions that would have the greatest  impact over their lives and the lives of others.  Obsessing over what we eat and wear everyday can make us less efficient.  Sounds logical to  me…Sometimes there are times at the end of the day…I simply cannot think…let alone decide what I want to eat or much less what I want to cook!!!  I am in no way comparing myself to the likes of the above men, but as a Critical Care Vascular Nurse…I make a lot of complex decisions in the course of a shift.  I think we as Women make many…many…decisions throughout the course of any given day…I wonder how many are unnecessary or irrelevant?  Probably a few more than we wish to claim.

For me…I think there is something to this, and I have pondered this thought for some time.  I have decided to embrace this concept to a degree.  First, as I shared in Hitting the Reset post, I am in a super busy season and spending my free time studying for an upcoming certification exam.  My brain is in overload, so I have decided to limit some of the decisions I have to make daily.  For starters, I wear street clothes into work.  We wear OR scrubs, and they are provided for us.  I started choosing only 2 outfits to interchange throughout the week.  The clothes don’t get dirty and I mix and match, so it limits the decisions I have to make in the morning.  I don’t think I will ever get to the point where I wear the same thing everyday, but by reducing the amount of time I spend thinking about an outfit, that I am going to change within 5 minutes of arriving at work, I have found I am significantly less stressed in the morning.  Bonus…I have reduced wash every week!

I share this with you because I have also chosen to do this with the food I am eating…..

In attempting to spend less time thinking about the daily (routine) aspects of my day, I am hoping I might find I am significantly less stressed, more productive and more fulfilled.

I will post my Simple eating plan in the next few days…….

I am embracing Henry David Thoreau’s philosophy to Simply…simplify 🙂







Attitude Determines Altitude


So Yesterday I shared with you that I had a very stressful week.  That was the absolute truth.  However, my attitude toward it didn’t help.  In fact, quite the opposite.  The busier I got, the more stressed I became and the more I responded to the negative chatter in my head.  You know…my stinkin thinkin!

It wasn’t until late Thursday afternoon the Lord allowed a situation to give my thinking a little realignment……

I have a friend whose husband is critically ill.  His prognosis is very poor.  In short, he will need a miracle to survive.  This couple attended our wedding.  We had gotten busy with careers, kids, and life.  We had not seen each other in a long time.

I had heard he was not well, and Thursday he was my patient.  At first, I was a little apprehensive to care for him.  I wasn’t sure he would even want me to be his nurse…but God is always in the details.  Being a nurse is emotionally draining at times.  It is a career in which you can have a profound impact on peoples lives…Often in a physical, emotional, and spiritual way.  I try to always leave my patients better than I found them, and many times it is by meeting their physical needs, but more often than not, it is by meeting their emotional and spiritual needs.  This particular day…the patient became my Teacher…..

When he arrived, I entered the room and explained I would be his nurse.  As I said, I wasn’t sure how he would feel.  He was very happy, and said he was glad he had a chance to see me….”It’s been a long time” I said…”it sure has”.  We made small talk…caught up on kids and family…then we talked about his procedure.  He was very worried it would be painful…I assured him we would do all we could to make him as comfortable as possible.  The doctor came in explained the procedure, obtained consent, and left.  We were left alone again to await his procedure time.  I sensed his heart was heavy and I asked if there was anything I could do for him.  His speech was soft…reflective…He said “We got time…pull up a chair” so I did.  It was crazy busy in the unit, but I knew my gift to him was time.  So often people just want the gift of your time.  To be “present” for them and with them.

He began to share the heavy burdens of his heart, and end of life thoughts.  He began to cry.  He knew His family was struggling with watching hI’m be so sick.  He couldn’t understand how he had come to this point.  “I’ve never drank or smoked.  I ran and ate very healthy…I just don’t understand” and…neither did I.  I couldn’t help him answer the question…Sometimes this side of heaven we will never know…but I could listen, and I did.  Many times patients don’t want to burden their families with their thoughts and fears…yet they need to share, to be heard…it is often in the sharing that they find answers for themselves.

He spoke, and I listened.  Giving him as much support and encouragement as I could.  He cried, and I cried.  It wasn’t to long and we were called to the procedure room.  I assured him we would get him through this, and we did.  He was very grateful when I woke him up and told him the procedure was over.  We went to recovery, and he was in the good hands of the recovery staff, and I was assigned to another procedure.  Carrying the burdens of our patients and their families is a daily reality for Nurses.  I sent prayers heavenward for him and his family as I left him, but my heart was very heavy for the remainder of the day.

I realized my stress was absolutely minimal compared to the burdens the majority of my patients and their families were carrying that day.  My heart was smote with my complaining spirit.  I asked God to forgive my whining and complaining.  The majority of what I was complaining  about were blessings in my life…

“I’ve got to clean the house”                                 I have a house to clean

“I don’t have enough time”                                  I’ve been given today…it is a gift

“I’ve got to pay the Bills”                                      I have money in the account to pay them

“I’m working too much”                                       I have the health to work  and make a good wage

“I have to study for an upcoming test”             I have been granted the ability to read and understand

“My Husband needs me”                                    I am blessed with a godly husband who loves me

“I have so much laundry”                                   I have plenty to wear….I have all I need

“I have new obligations at Church”                  I have a place to worship and praise with people who care for me

“I have to make dinner”                                     I have food and my stomach does not know hunger

“I have a trip to plan”                                          God has seen our Son through 4 years of College!

“My friends need  me”                                        I have the gift of friendships


It wasn’t long and gratitude had changed my attitude!  I have so much to be thankful for and changing my thinking gave me new perspective.  I am thankful God is longsuffering with me.  I was complaining about the very blessings God has so graciously given me!!!

I am busy no doubt…but because God has given me a life full of blessings!  Thank You Lord for your unfailing love & grace!!

Replacing Complaining with Gratitude was the first step in getting back on the THM Journey…stay tuned for my simple reset plan and menu!

May your Attitude be elevated by Gratitude!!






Hitting The Reset Button

reset 2

Happy Friday Mama’s!!!

Whew…..it’s been a while since we have posted here……….

Remember way back in January when we got our beautiful Journal’s and set SMART Goals?  We wrote out our goals (Remember a goal is a dream with an action plan)….We had motivation and excitement and support…….

Remember how the word I chose for 2016 was Authentic?   Well I’m about to get really authentic with you all…..

Life has gotten really, really, really, busy…and I have fallen off the wagon…like crash & burn!  I have eaten sugar all week…heck I’ve eaten everything in sight all week!!!!!  I have eaten more take out food this week than I have had in all of 2016!  I have eaten from a box, a carton, a can…..It has been stress eating, and this morning I have made some decisions….

First let me share I have many commitments, and wear many hats just as all of you do.  Work has been incredibly busy and stressful.  I have worked late every day.  I have skipped lunch most days this week, not out of choice….but rather need.  The needs of my patients……our Church has started a new program which my Husband and I are involved in….our Faith is a major part of our lives and this commitment is very important to us…..I am sitting for the National Radiology Nursing Certification Exam in May (the same week our Son graduates with his Bachelor’s Degree…Proud Mama here…To God be the glory), and I’m in a business partnership that I am extremely passionate about…..helping Women find Health & Wellness.

None of these commitments are going to change in the near future…..this is a very busy season…but something has to change……..

I am the only one who can make these decisions for me…..

Stay tuned over the next few days as I share how I plan to get back on course…despite this busy schedule…..