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My New Year “Theme”


As promised, I told you I would share my 2016 goals with you.

For the last several years, I have chosen a word to set my yearly goals and priorities by.  I read about this quite a few years ago now, and I find it very helpful to me.  Choosing a word that aligns with my goals and priorities….helps me stay on task and clearly focus on my dreams and goals.  Some of the words I have chosen in the past are Gratitude, Faith, Intentional & Priorities.

This year  my chosen  word  is Authentic.  I want to deepen my relationships with those closest to me.  I want to be more honest & real.  Not that I am dishonest…I just want to increase the authenticity of the relationships I currently have.  I want to be more available to those closest to me and want to pour myself into those relationships this year and make them a priority, but without clear written goals that probably isn’t going to happen.  Thankfully I learned the skill of goal setting several years ago.

This year I have also chosen a year long theme.  A filter so to speak, that I will pour all my priorities and decisions through.

My theme for this year is Less Stuff….More Life.

I find as I get older I need less stuff.  I desire less stuff…..I want less stuff.

What I do desire for 2016 is more experiences and less things.  I want deeper relationships, and to make more memories.



I have set a list of goals as well as actions to help me achieve this year long theme.  For starters, my family is taking a special trip to “Disney” that we have been planning and saving for….for several months.  We have been squirreling away money, pinching pennies and sacrificing in multiple budget categories.  We are going to spend lots of time together making some special memories!!  Then my Husband and I will spend some time coming up the East Coast (after dropping our Son off at College).  We are going to spend a few days in Savannah, and we are super excited about it.  There is always a little adjustment time when our Son goes back to school (we sure do miss him), and it gives me something to look forward to as well as a time for my husband and I to reconnect.  Any empty Nesters out there???

February is all about organization!!  Stay tuned for that!!!

March is major de-cluttering around here…..

And of Course, my Journey goals for the Winter Session……

I’m still working on the upcoming months…..but the theme will be less stuff…more life!!

I am looking forward to a productive and effective 2016!!!!!!

Do any of you choose a Word for the year or a Theme?  If you do, please share with all of us!!  We would love to hear!







    1. Vicki What an awesome goal! I encourage you to put forth every effort to make your goal a reality. I hope you were able to read the series we wrote on writing SMART goals. I wish you every success in 2016!!!!

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