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January 2016

Post #1 The One Week Fuel Cycle

fuel cycle

Michelle Here:  Happy Sunday Mamas.  Well our One Week Fuel Cycle is finally here!!!

I had shared with our local group that I had developed an Epistaxis (bloody nose) while at work this past week, and had to have my nose cauterized.  I did well after that but had another episode this morning.  The veins are very surface in my nose.  The Doctor said that might happen again, and he was right.  I didn’t need to go to the hospital again (Praise God)….but it did set me back in my preparations as I stayed quiet for the remainder of the day… But no fear….Lord willing I will begin the challenge a day later…..on Monday!  I did get a bit of prep work done this morning, and should be ready to join in a day late.  Better late than never!!!!  So for those who are not quite ready to start today…..feel free to start Monday with me!  Otherwise for those who are ready to jump right in here’s Sandy……………………

Sandy Here:  Well hellllooooo CHICKIES….I am so excited….I spent some time on Saturday preparing in between my son’s basketball game, grocery shopping, church and youth group for my son….yes, you too, can have success even if you have a busy schedule….here are some pictures of my Saturday prep:

                                                  IMG_5041          IMG_5040

Made Cowboy Grub and had for dinner on Saturday night before starting fuel cycle and saved leftovers for my first “E” day then froze a few servings for another time.  Also made several servings of brown rice for my second “E” day and also froze a few…Remember Chickies…WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER 🙂

And I’m off and running…Good Sunday Morning…DAY ONE – DEEP “S”:

  • 8:30 a.m. started my day with the Trimmy Rich (Page 430)…waited for my son to get up to have breakfast together 🙂
  • 10:30 a.m. 3 eggs scrambled with a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil, nutritional yeast, mineral salt & pepper.  Had a second Trimmy Rich…Why?  Because I get too!  Was stuffed so lunch was later…
  • 2:45 p.m. lunch was chicken grilled in coconut oil, over a leafy green salad w/non-starchy veggies, extra virgin olive oil & apple cider vinegar and spices
  • 7 p.m. dinner:  Steak (not grass fed), broccoli w/buttah, and sauteed mushrooms with extra virgin olive oil & buttah
  • 8:30 p.m. snack Superfood Chocolate Chews (Page 382)
  • Drank water most of the day….BECAUSE I WAS STUFFED….didn’t eat as much as I thought I would….I planned for an additional snack but absolutely could not fit it in…did sip half of a GGMS in the evening!

IMG_5043       IMG_5044       IMG_5045       IMG_5047

Click HERE to start your Journey to Trim ‘n’ Healthy…


Put YOUR Oxygen Mask on First!


Most of you Mamas know my family & I were travelling the last few weeks.  I am still processing all those wonderful memories!!  We are pretty much unpacked and settled back into our normal routines around here.  There is something about human nature and routines, and it sure feels good to be back home.  One of the things I missed most was my Kitchen!!!!

I was driving to work the other day when the thought popped into my head of the stewardess instructing us pre-flight regarding the action to take in the event of a loss of cabin pressure.  “Secure your own mask first, before assisting others around you.  Although you may not feel it, Oxygen will be flowing”.  That information is given aboard every flight prior to take off.  I have flown several different airlines, and every airline has given this same pre-flight instruction.  That’s pretty smart advice…don’t you think?  If you don’t care for yourself first….you will be unable to care for others.

I want to encourage all you Mamas that it is so important to those we love that we invest in ourselves.  It might seem odd to see a young Mother securing oxygen for herself before administering this life saving air to her young child.  However, if she doesn’t secure that life giving oxygen for herself, she will lose consciousness, and be unable to help her child.

The same advice applies in life.  Give to yourself, so that you might give to others.  Take action Mamas!  Invest in your health, eat right, take time for exercise, and get plenty of rest.  Even though you may not feel like it, those actions are doing you good!  In other words…put on YOUR oxygen mask first, so that you can care for all those God has placed in your care 🙂

~Hugs~  Michelle

Goal Evaluation: Self Test


goal 4

January 1st has past. So many have abandoned New Years Resolutions… that were only written 25 days ago…..

We are well into January….how is your goal motivation going?

Are you still working your Journals?      Writing in them?      Planning out your daily action plan?

Success is far often more about persistent than ability.

How has your progress been? We are nearly 4 weeks in?  You should be seeing some results…….

If not, don’t fret. All is takes is a matter of starting over.

It’s about desire. Do you really truly, and passionately desire your goal?    Whatever your goal is……Do you really…. really…… want it?

Today is a great day to re -valuate…… If you’ve made little to no progress, than it might be that you really don’t desire your goal as much as you thought you did.

We must continually evaluate. Just as a budget is something that must be workable, changeable….evolving , so must your goals.

Don’t give up…don’t abandon in failure ……

Re-evaluate…re-work…re-think and move forward!!! Today is a new day!!!!

Mama….You are worth it!

On Plan: “The Disney Way”


What a wonderful magical Disney experience we had.  Disney truly immerses you in a full experience with authenticity.  Whether you’re riding a ride in an African Safari @ Animal Kingdom, or watching an animatronic show at Hall of Presidents @ Magic Kingdom, Disney does an outstanding job of engaging all your senses.  Disney makes all your experiences “authentic”.  If your dining in France (At Epcot), then everything about your dining experience is about “The French Experience”.  No detail is left undone!  You feel as if you are in France!

Authentic was the Word I chose for 2016.  If you missed that post, you can read it here.  Disney has an App called “My Disney Experience”…that is really smart of the Disney Team.  I believe what makes Disney so “magical” is that they very cleverly engage all of your senses.  They engage the child in all of us, young and old alike.

Authenticity is something I’m striving for in 2016.  So to be authentic, staying on plan at Disney was tricky, but not impossible.  For starters, I didn’t desire to stay on plan 100% at Disney, so I let go of shame, disappointment, and regret, and embraced grace and intention.  I chose when I wanted to eat off plan, and with what foods I desired to eat!  I truly embraced the THM philosophy: FOOD FREEDOM!

My family had purchased the Dining Plan (a great deal! In my opinion) and we felt the amount of food was perfect!  Here are the steps I took to stay on plan 75% of the time.

  • Our plan came with a refillable Disney Mug that I filled with water 90% of the time.  The other 10% I filled with Minute Maid 50% light lemonade, mostly while I was at the pool!
  • We got one snack per day.  I usually split my snack with a family member.  I chose the Yogurt Parfait with fruit more than 50% of the time.  While it wasn’t Greek Yogurt, it was one of the best options.  At Magic Kingdom, I had a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich and thoroughly enjoyed every single bite!
  • At Dinner, I drank water, with the exception of a Pomegranate Lemonade which was absolutely amazing.  I will recreate that little concoction THM style when I get home.  Every Dessert menu had a NO sugar option, which was surprisingly very good.  The Ricotta Cheesecake with berries I had at the 50’s Diner at Hollywood Studios was absolutely amazing!  I did have a 50’s style Vanilla Milkshake there that I could not finish:)…My guys took care of that!
  • Lunch was considered quick service, but there were still some great options.  Salad was offered at every location as a lunch option.  Portion sizes were on the smaller side which I appreciated.  I have also learned to stop eating when I am full.  My Hubby and son took care of what I couldn’t, so that worked perfectly.  We definitely felt we got our money’s worth.


( I didn’t wear to the Pool this day so it was about 2000 steps higher!)

  • We walked………A LOT!  I wore my pedometer and the average was around 20,000 steps per day!  Some days a little more.  We chose to walk instead of taking transit most days that we could.  We chose our larger meal for lunch several times so we weren’t so full at night.  Then we spent the afternoon walking it off!  THM has given me so much more energy and vitality.  I was able to keep up with my college guys and be the Disney Mom because of all the effort I have put forth over the last year!

I haven’t weighed myself while on vacation, and I don’t plan to.  But if I have gained a pound or two…it might just be because my heart is so very full of thankfulness and gratitude……Keep those goals before you Mama’s!!!!!!



As a whole, our family felt the food was amazing!  Absolutely no complaints here.  I 100% enjoyed every meal, including the ones I chose to eat off plan.  Breakfast wasn’t included in the meal plan, but we worked our sit down dinners so that we enjoyed the breakfast buffet twice at our resort!  That meal was absolutely amazing, and one day, I even had a glass of Apple Juice!!!

2016 Goals: Off To a Great Start

In my last post, I shared with you all some of my 2016 goals.  This year I not only chose a year long word, I chose a year long theme as well. My theme is Less Stuff…More Life.  I shared with you all that my desire was deeper relationships, more memories, and I wanted to trade “things” for “experiences”.   I am so happy that we are off to a great start.  Sometimes it’s a matter of just doing it!


My family and I are at Disney!!  Instead of buying a lot of “things” for Christmas, we decided to trade in things for memories and experiences.  I am so very glad that we did.  I will be honest, we are a big CHRISTmas  family, and initially it felt strange to me to celebrate with just a very few gifts.  We have never had elaborate gifts, or gone overboard in our Christmas budget.  I usually shop all through the year and capitalize on sales and coupons.  With our Disney goal in mind…my Husband was a huge help with this.  Once we set our small budget…He put His foot down to stay within the budget we had set, and I stuck to it!!


I worried that Christmas wouldn’t “feel” right.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  We focused on spending quality time as a family.  Playing Christmas music and watching our favorite Christmas movies.  Playing board games as a family.  We focused on planning our Christmas dinner and then we all prepped it together, plus for the first time in several years we stayed “HOME” on Christmas day, and enjoyed all that God has so richly blessed us with.  It was so enjoyable that my husband said that we’ve started a new tradition!  In short, we had a wonderful memorable Christmas that didn’t cost us a fortune, yet we all felt so rich and blessed.

When our family all decided we were doing Christmas in a very small way, Our Son who LOVES Disney, made each of us a custom Disney  Itinerary with very personal specialized information of the things he knew we would love to do and see.  It was my favorite gift!  He spent many hours preparing each one, and it meant so much to my husband and I!!  It didn’t cost him much in money, but it was one of the “richest” gifts I received!



It was such a thoughtful gift!


In short we had decided on this goal as a family in the early Summer of 2015.  We planned, worked and sacrificed.  You certainly don’t have to be at Disney to enjoy your family and make memories.  Disney was a goal my family set, and we all worked to get here!  What I want to share with you all is go for your dreams and goals!!  It is so inspiring to be at Disney where the founder, Mr. Walt Disney himself, was a man who lived out His dreams.  He obviously didn’t let the word  NO anywhere in His vocabulary.  I have found so much inspiration here!! 

Keep reaching for your goals Mama’s……Whatever they might be, they are more attainable than you think!!

vac 16


And Yes that’s a Marshmallow in my mouth!  We went to the bon fire on the beach at our resort!!  Stay tuned for an upcoming post on staying on Plan Disney Style!!!!!


My New Year “Theme”


As promised, I told you I would share my 2016 goals with you.

For the last several years, I have chosen a word to set my yearly goals and priorities by.  I read about this quite a few years ago now, and I find it very helpful to me.  Choosing a word that aligns with my goals and priorities….helps me stay on task and clearly focus on my dreams and goals.  Some of the words I have chosen in the past are Gratitude, Faith, Intentional & Priorities.

This year  my chosen  word  is Authentic.  I want to deepen my relationships with those closest to me.  I want to be more honest & real.  Not that I am dishonest…I just want to increase the authenticity of the relationships I currently have.  I want to be more available to those closest to me and want to pour myself into those relationships this year and make them a priority, but without clear written goals that probably isn’t going to happen.  Thankfully I learned the skill of goal setting several years ago.

This year I have also chosen a year long theme.  A filter so to speak, that I will pour all my priorities and decisions through.

My theme for this year is Less Stuff….More Life.

I find as I get older I need less stuff.  I desire less stuff…..I want less stuff.

What I do desire for 2016 is more experiences and less things.  I want deeper relationships, and to make more memories.



I have set a list of goals as well as actions to help me achieve this year long theme.  For starters, my family is taking a special trip to “Disney” that we have been planning and saving for….for several months.  We have been squirreling away money, pinching pennies and sacrificing in multiple budget categories.  We are going to spend lots of time together making some special memories!!  Then my Husband and I will spend some time coming up the East Coast (after dropping our Son off at College).  We are going to spend a few days in Savannah, and we are super excited about it.  There is always a little adjustment time when our Son goes back to school (we sure do miss him), and it gives me something to look forward to as well as a time for my husband and I to reconnect.  Any empty Nesters out there???

February is all about organization!!  Stay tuned for that!!!

March is major de-cluttering around here…..

And of Course, my Journey goals for the Winter Session……

I’m still working on the upcoming months…..but the theme will be less stuff…more life!!

I am looking forward to a productive and effective 2016!!!!!!

Do any of you choose a Word for the year or a Theme?  If you do, please share with all of us!!  We would love to hear!





The Final Step: Make Your Goal Time Bound

time bound

The final step in our SMART goals series……..

The goal must be Time Bound.  You must set a date…a specific date.  Not as in I will achieve (fill in the blank) in the Spring or in the Winter, or at the end of the month.  You must pick an actual date that you want to accomplish your goal.

I think sometimes we don’t want to give it a specific date…because then we become accountable, and truth is we…don’t want to fail.


The Truth is, achieving your goal is more about showing up every single day with determination and discipline, then achieving perfection. Perfection is the enemy of progress.  If you should fail (and you will)…purpose in your heart that you’re going to get right back up and start again.

Failure is a major part of Success.  Those that succeed have not experienced failure…quite the opposite.  They have just determined to get back up again…and again…and again.

Don’t delay in giving your goal an end date….then just show up every day with determination and purpose, and you will be one step closer to achieving your goal!!




We Would Love For You To Join Us!!


We know all of you don’t have a local support group of Mamas to help support you on this Journey.  Maybe some of you will consider starting one!! That’s how it worked for Sandy & I.  It kinda just happened, and we are so glad it did!!  However we would love, for all of you that desire, to join us on our Winter Session challenges!

We will be posting the challenges and material we presented to our local group the morning following our meetings.  I will post the meeting schedules so you all can follow along.

We had a great first kick off meeting!  Lot’s of buzz and excitement which is a huge motivator for Sandy & I!!

Our Winter session is focusing on all about YOU!  First we handed out BMI charts (while we don’t hold a tremendous amount of stock in this) it does give us a starting point.  We also weighed and took measurements.  We have a printable download button in our side bar that you can print to take your measurements and record your starting point!

The whole goal of this Winter session is to not just be busy, but be effective!  We want to see a change when we retake our measurements on March 15th!!

We reviewed SMART goals and many shared what they hoped to accomplish in the next 10 weeks.  Many of us shared our goals and action plans.

This is a 10-week Challenge.  We will do a 2-week Fuel Cycle in February (More details to follow).  We are super excited about this!!

We will also post a weekly reading assignment.  We feel very strongly that there is invaluable information in the books.  Reading and learning will be one of your best tool for success.  We are all busy, and we have made the reading assignments very doable for even the most craziest of schedules.  Sandy & I are both women with crazy schedules, so we totally get it.  However, the books are just treasures of information and we both feel it is super important for the success for the plan. Without the knowledge that Pearl & Serene have put together for us in book form, many of us would still feel hopeless and in a state of despair.  I will be forever grateful for Pearl & Serene and pray God’s greatest blessings to their account!!

So if you would like to join along, just print the measurement chart in our side bar.  Next meeting date is 1/12/16.  Reading assignment for this week is in the Plan Book,  Keep It Sane Keep it Simple Book  Pgs. 27-38 & Pgs. 148-152 Coconut Oil…..OR…..Original Book   Pgs. 65-76 & Pgs. 199-201 King of Super foods “Coconut Oil”.

We would LOVE for you to share your Goals with us!  Please know we are cheering for you from afar.  We are all in this thing together.

If you are reading here, we value you as a reader, and we are here to support the online Mamas too!


Step 5: Your Goal Must Be Realistic


We are almost finished writing our SMART goals!!  I know we are talking about our journey2trimnhealthy here, but the principles of the SMART goal can be applied to any goals you have.  I write goals in several areas of my life, and I will share those with you in an upcoming post.  Setting goals is a skill and anyone can learn it!

Today we are going to talk about making your goal Realistic.  There is no goal (if you truly have the desire) you can’t aspire to, but you must be realistic in your time frame.

Stating you want to lose a 100# in 2 months is an unrealistic goal.  First, it is unhealthy and secondly…probably not going to happen.  There is nothing wrong with a desire to lose a large amount of weight, but you must be realistic that it won’t happen overnight.  You didn’t gain it overnight, and you won’t lose it overnight.  That’s unrealistic.

goals 3

Set small attainable goals that achieve success and build on that.  A One to Two pound weight loss per week….is a great goal.  Bite size goals with reasonable time frames builds huge success.  Gaining small success gives you momentum and encouragement to continue on the path to achieving your larger goal.  “How do you eat an Elephant?”….One bite at a time!

If you were writing a financial goal and you had a desire to pay off a large amount of debt on a small annual salary, it would be unrealistic to state that you wanted to pay $100,000 off in 6 months when your annual salary was $30,000 year.

I think you get the point.

Setting realistic, attainable goals…..is a sure fire way to gain success!

Step 4: You Must Apply Action To Your Goal


You’ve written your goal(s) down.  Great Job.  That is the first step.

You were specific, and you gave your goal a measurable component.  You really are doing so awesome!

Now you must apply Action to those goals.  Without daily action applied to your goal you have a lovely Journal with some great intentions written in it…“Good intentions without action are nothing”

What action(s) are you going to take daily to help you achieve your goals?  You must do something every single day………

You must ask yourself, “what action can I do today that will help me achieve my goal?”  At night, write down the actions that you took that day that helped you gain success.  Make a list of what actions you will do the following day that will get you one step closer to your goal.  This is the meat of the whole thing Mamas…Don’t underestimate this step.

List your actions:  For Weight Loss goals……actions may look like this:

  • Walk daily
  • Drink More
  • Stay on Plan
  • No Cheats
  • When I’m feeling discouraged call a friend

The list of actions are endless, but the key is…action must be applied.

Without daily actions, your goal will never get off the pretty paper that it is written on.

This step is huge!