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November 2015



Hey all you Journey Mama’s…sorry I haven’t been around much, with the exception of a few texts…I have spent the last 5 days unplugged from media!!!!!! ¬†It has been very refreshing ūüôā

We have spent lots of time with family and friends. ¬†We have put up our Christmas Tree and decorated our home. ¬†We have snuggled and watched a Christmas Movie…and it has been downright relaxing. ¬†We have spent some time just being thankful and giving praise to God for all He has done in our lives. ¬†I have so enjoyed the last few days. ¬†I hope you were able to do some of the same over this long Holiday weekend.

My Batteries are recharged, and I am looking forward to interacting with you all again.  I have missed you all, and am looking forward to all the hustle and bustle of December.  I LOVE this time of year!!

I pray you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and are ready to jump in with both feet for December!




THM - Shopping Frenzy

Hello Chickies…with all of the hustle and bustle of this Holiday Season…A Journey 2 Trim ‘n’ Healthy…could be blessed by your regular routine…HERE IS HOW…at no additional cost to you ūüôā just by you clicking on our affiliate links to do your shopping…Please consider clicking on the AMAZON Advertisement on our blog to search and shop for your Christmas Gifties…we will be blessed by getting a small kick back to help support this blog…Here is our Trim Healthy Mama link (click HERE).





Get Back on Plan…Lot’s of S Mama!!!

tips #1


Happy Black Friday Mama’s…..Michelle Here: ¬†I pray you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and a delightful dinner :-), but today is a new day!! ¬†If you are not feeling your best today because of a few off plan goodies…don’t fret. ¬†It’s back on plan with lot’s of S Foods.¬† (For Deep S refer to page 91 in the new book)¬†Healthy Oils (Coconut Oil, Olive Oils) and…lots of greens. ¬†Limit your carbs to non-starchy veggies, berries only…and limit Frankenfood Carbs (Lavish breads or Pita) and you’re back in the game. ¬†Remember to drink plenty of water too!¬† OK for¬†Breakfast¬†both hubby & I are off so we are having Bacon & Eggs with Trimaccino Coffee (with yummy Kerry Gold Butter).¬† Lunch will be…Turkey with Gravy and a side of ¬†full fat mayo ūüôā and Cabbage salad with the same yummy Mayo (all natural from Trader¬†Joe’s)¬†sweetened with Gentle Sweet. ¬†Snack Triple Zero yogurt with some frozen Strawberries I picked during the summer ūüôā¬† Dinner Cheese Burgers (pre-made and in my freezer…super easy)¬†with a Yummy Salad with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar sprinkled with a few Pecans and Boiled eggs. ¬†I sent home the Very yummy chocolate pie that we enjoyed on Thanksgiving with my¬†BIL and SIL…Smart of me Hugh??? ¬†Oh Yeah I’m loving the Apple Pie Sipper so that will be my drink for in between Lunch & Dinner!

Hi Chickies…..Sandy here: ¬†Gobble, Gobble is over (hopefully), and it’s time for my favorite part of THM….WAIT 3 HOURS AND GET BACK AT IT…Heavy S is the way to go…I did a bit of shopping on Thursday evening and brought a large sipper of just water and a cup of tea…when I got home I made a heavy decadent dessert (1/2 Lavish, cream cheese sweetened with Gentle Sweet, & Blueberries grilled in a pan) then off to bed…Sorry Michelle…this Drive Thru Sandy Sue didn’t eliminate the Frankenfood :-)…Friday morning is muffin in a mug (add that pat of butter and some nuts to the top) paired with a Fat Stripping Frappa, and you are super ready for some shopping…don’t forget the cheese sticks too!!! ¬†Lunch will be a salad with olive oil & vinegar dressing, hot turkey w/gravy and a cup of coffee with cream (I’ll need it after my early a.m. Black Friday shopping spree!)…Dinner will be leftover meatloaf or a steak on the grill with loads of veggies & butter…this will cure my cravings from my treats this past week…Ladies, let’s get a jump on those New Year’s resolutions and your Journey 2 Trim ‘n’ Healthy…don’t delay (click HERE to start your journey)…be one step ahead this year!!!





We would like to wish each and everyone a wonderful & happy Thanksgiving…Enjoy your FAMILY & FRIENDS…

Thank you for being a blessing and encouragement to us…and don’t forget…



Surviving the Holidays ~ THM Style

tips #1



Hey Journey Mamas….Michelle here. ¬†This week Sandy & I are going to tag team our Surviving the Holidays Tip. ¬†We are both THMs (click HERE to connect to our THM Affiliate link) but come from a different stage in life. ¬†We¬†are empty nesters (Our son is a Senior in College), and she is a¬†single Mama,¬†and raising a very energetic almost teen boy, with a super busy schedule. ¬†We will always come from slightly different perspectives, and we think that makes for a well rounded, cover all the bases blog!

If you haven’t figured this out yet, I like to plan.:) ¬†I function best when I know where I am headed, what is expected, and how my time is best managed. Now, I am able to switch gears quickly and think fast on my feet. ¬†I ¬†have strong critical thinking skills (I am a Critical Care Vascular Nurse) so that is key for my job, but I don’t fly that way in my personal life. ¬†Funny, I know…but that’s me. ¬†I also LOVE a challenge!

So, I am planning all my meals from the freezer and my pantry for the next week!!! ¬†This has a 2 goal purpose: ¬†First, I want t make space in both my pantry & freezer. ¬†Both are feeling cluttered to me, and I want to clear some space before the holidays. ¬†Secondly, I want to save some moolah! ¬†I want to save my grocery money for Christmas. ¬†If I can pull together 7 Breakfasts,¬†7 lunches, 7 Dinners & 14 snacks from what I have on hand, I will accomplish both¬†my goals!! ¬†A win win :-), and you want to know the best part?…….I’m taking you with me!! ¬†I will be blogging this challenge for all you Mama’s to watch and hopefully be inspired!

I will be posting some of my Pantry, Freezer…..Whatever I can find meals throughout the week. ¬†I’ve¬†already purchased my Turkey when they were on sale a few months ago, so¬†I’m even ready for Thanksgiving! ¬†I will also share how much I saved over the week! ¬†Wish me luck!

Hi THFFs (Trim Healthy Friends Forever)…Sandy here. ¬†Chickies, I fly by the seat of my pants…However, as long as I shop for the right foods (always having the same staples on hand – see the Shopping List on our blog), the THM Meal Plan offers so much versatility that I do not struggle “throwing” something together. ¬†We have our favorites and a freezer in our basement (yes, even with just the two of us), because I find it much easier to make a crock pot full of wholesome goodness (especially this time of the year) and freeze a few…actually, just like Michelle, we are now eating off of our pantry and freezer to allocate funds toward CHRISTMAS PRESENTS (click on our Amazon Ad affiliate to do ALL OF YOUR HOLIDAY shopping and help us fund¬†our blog at no additional cost to you). ¬†I never get an argument from my 12-year old son on leftovers at this time of the year ūüôā

I shop the Black Friday sales and already know what gifts I am purchasing as I think and plan throughout the year as I listen to people and hear the desires of their heart…I like to plan like my friend, Michelle…however, this chapter of life I’m at doesn’t quite allow for that.


A New Daily Planner~2016


What does¬†a girl that LOVES to plan get really excited about??? ¬†A fresh new 2016 Planner !!! ¬†I get¬†so excited when it’s time to get a new yearly planner! ¬†When I was Homeschooling, I would use a Teacher’s planner, and I loved it. ¬†It was a tad big, but I was able to keep our school plans as well as our life/work plans all in one planner. ¬†It worked so well in helping our family stay organized. ¬†I was actually quite sad when I no longer needed that type planner ūüôĀ

Even though I am no longer homeschooling, our lives are busier than ever,¬†and I¬†love how¬†my planner¬†keeps me focused and on task. ¬†I keep all of my scheduling commitments in the one planner, and I¬†do not¬†need to worry about forgetting an appt. or missing an important deadline. ¬†I carry it with me and schedule all of my family’s schedules in it. ¬†I know some of you use your phones, but I’m a good old fashioned paper & pen gal ūüôā

The Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner was designed by Sue Hooley.  The planner was developed after several years of motherhood and homemaking.  Sue understood that a homemaker’s day can rarely be scheduled and structured the same as the one before, nor can every task fit neatly into the time-slot allotted by other planners.  Since her first publication in 2010, thousands of homemakers have benefited from the daily planner.

The Planner is spiral bound for easy use, and the cover is laminated for durability.  Two pockets included.  It has seven sectional tabs as follows:

  • An overview of the year by month.
  • Two-page spreads for entries each month.
  • Two-page spreads for entries each week. ¬†This allows you to sketch out an entire week, day by day.
  • A section to enter projected tasks.
  • A section to enter specific projects.
  • A section to keep a listing of personal contact information.
  • A perforated shopping list section allows you to take the list with you.


As THM’s, having a daily¬†planner can be a huge help in so many ways! ¬†Homemakers Depot is currently having a special as follows:

3 or more $12.99

5 or more $11.99

10 or more $10.99

I paid close to $17.00 for my daily planner for 2015. ¬†A single planner is $13.99!!¬†¬†Woohoo….early Christmas present for me!! ¬†If you are looking to start using a daily planner or are currently using a planner and haven’t got your 2016 planner yet, then this may be a great deal for you!! ¬†This may also make a great gift for that special planner in your life!! ¬†(HeHe)



New Holiday Edition of THM E-Zine


Serene & Pearl

If you have not gotten your copy to your E-mail of the new Holiday E-zine…RUN don’t walk and sign up here!! ¬†It is filled with over 30 Holiday Recipes, and the article 5 Ways Not To Do THM is absolutely outstanding! ¬†It was such an encouragement to my heart. ¬†I learned a few new things too! ¬†In their typical¬†hilarious way, they once again educate¬†and support us on this journey to finding food freedom. ¬†It amazes me the impact these 2 women have had on so many woman and families!¬† It is absolutely worth the read. ¬†Serene & Pearl never disappoint! ¬†Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

4 Things to Do When You Feel Like a THM Failure



Have you ever¬†had one of those days when you feel like this plan is overwhelming? ¬†You’re not losing fast enough?¬† You keep getting mixed up between S & E?¬† If so, here are 4 things¬†you can do to¬†get back on track.


  • Remember where¬†you started and how far you have come.¬† This is always an eye opener for me and helps me get rid of my “stinkin thinkin”.¬† I can easily get discouraged and think I’m not losing fast enough. ¬†Then I remember where I started and how thankful I am to be at this weight rather¬†than the weight I was when I started this journey…It reminds me how far I’ve come. ¬†This¬†helps me regain a whole new perspective. ¬†Looking at a photo doesn’t hurt either.


  • Realize this is a Journey…not a race.¬† The word Journey implies it’s going to take you some time to get there.¬†You’re in this for the long haul Mama! ¬†It’s the choices that we make¬†daily that is the total sum of our lives. When it comes to our health, the choices¬†we make everyday have the biggest overall impact on our health and wellness. ¬†Making consistently good choices, lead to great results, and those results¬†are going to have a huge impact on your overall¬†health. ¬†Stick with it!

failure 2

  • You have a Plan!! ¬†The THM plan.¬†¬†Before I found THM I had no idea how to control my weight. ¬†Now I do, and have had great success. ¬†Just like thousands of other Women in the THM community. ¬†I don’t¬†have to figure out what to do anymore. ¬†THM works!! ¬†Don’t over complicate it. ¬†Make simple easy meals in the beginning. ¬†Don’t overwhelm yourself with special ingredients or read every THM Pintrest board out there. Have you ever noticed that Pintrest only¬†posts perfect success stories? ¬†You will be hard pressed to find a Pintrest board with¬†everyone’s failed recipes. ¬†Baking on this plan has a learning curve. ¬†As you reduce refined sugar, you will notice your pallet changing. ¬†Attempting to make a killer dessert when you are¬†first learning to bake with¬†nut flours and on plan sweeteners¬†is definitely a challenge for the most seasoned baker. ¬†If you’re just starting the plan or in a super busy season of life…Keep It Simple!¬† Simple…clean…on plan foods!¬† See Sandy’s Simple Success for some great suggestions!!


  • ¬†Practice Gratitude. ¬†This helps me more than anything. ¬†When I am feeling like a failure (this applies to any situation), I start praising all I have in my Life. ¬†In the realm of THM, I am thankful I am healthier and lighter than I was a year ago. ¬†I have a good understanding of the plan, a great book to help guide me along the way (Thank you again Serene & Pearl)¬†a great local support of¬†amazing¬†Mama’s¬†and all my cyber friends…It doesn’t take to0 long of this positive praising, and I’m not feeling like a failure anymore…I feel on top of the World!!


Keep on Trimmin’ Mama……You are so worth it!!




Surviving the Holidays ~ THM Style

tips #1


I love the Holidays!!  Everything about them, even the hustle and bustle.  As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, we will be in full Holiday mode here in a couple of days.  Christmas is 6 weeks from today!  As a Trim Healthy Mama, I must plan a little differently.  We can stay on plan and still enjoy everything that we love about this special time of the year.


Plan‚ĶPlan‚Ķ.Plan!!!!!!!!¬†¬†¬†I know ya’ ll must be tired of me saying this but, if you fail to plan than you plan to fail‚Ķ!

Just as Real Estates mantra is Location‚ĶLocation‚ĶLocation‚ĶThe THM mantra must be Plan‚ĶPlan‚ĶPlan! ¬†Picking up any ‘ole thing to eat isn’t going to work for us THM’s. ¬†If you’re a¬†Drive Thru Sue…Beware of the fast food pitfalls! As we head out to start our Holiday shopping, here are a few quick tips:

  • Hydration¬†– TIP #1¬†– Don‚Äôt leave home without a Sipper, GGMS, or a bottle of clean pure water! ¬†Staying hydrated is key to staving off hunger and helping us feel well. ¬†No matter how well we plan….life happens and the holidays can get hectic. ¬†We are often in more crowds than¬†usual and the flu is usually making it‚Äôs merry rounds. ¬†Staying hydrated is one of the #1 tips we can use to stay healthy, stave off hunger, and headaches.

Holiday Shopping is a great deal of fun in my family, and we look forward to it all year. ¬†We love stopping to get a¬†Holiday Coffee type drink, then we hit the stores running. ¬†This year I will be heading¬†out with my Trimaccino. ¬†Not only will I be¬†saving my waistline, I’ll be saving¬†my wallet too! Those store¬†drinks are super expensive and full of sugar!

  • Bring Snacks¬†TIP #2¬†– If¬†you plan on shopping, be prepared with on plan snacks that can easily fit in your purse. ¬†Make sure they are protein based. ¬†Check out lines are evil with all of their quick snack ideas and sugar laden treats just calling our names. ¬†They are not friendly to our waists or our wallets. ¬†Avoid them like the plague!!
  • Don‚Äôt go through the checkout line hungry¬†TIP #3¬†– OK if you forgot Tip #2, then Tip #3 is definitely for you. ¬†Before you pull that snickers off the shelf,¬†go back around the store and pick up a more healthy snack. ¬†Cheese sticks‚ĶSmall pack of almonds, cashews, grab a Greek yogurt,¬†or whatever¬†your preferred on plan snack is. ¬†Grab a piece of fruit to go with the cheese stick and go into the bathroom and wash it first. (Can‚Äôt help it, it’s the Nurse in me!) ¬†You should never eat fruit or vegetables unless they have been washed first. ¬†If possible, get a fruit you can peel. ¬†Some stores have pre-packaged apple slices, etc. ¬†Just make sure to pair it with a protein source (Cheese stick or¬†O %Greek yogurt)¬†to blunt the fructose. ¬†Tada you’re still on plan!

It is not always possible to plan your shopping trips around your meals, but that idea is best. ¬†Try not to go shopping right¬†before lunch or dinner. ¬†It would be best to try and eat a meal (and eat until you are good and full) then head out. ¬†Park farthest away from the store and burn a few¬†extra calories. ¬†Shopping and bargain hunting is hard work…that should burn off a few calories right??

Staying on plan during the holidays is possible, but if you do¬†mess up….. start fresh in 3 hours!!

Happy Shopping!!




THM - Joy

DEFINITION OF JOY: ¬†A¬†feeling of great happiness;¬†a source or cause of great happiness; something or someone that gives joy to someone;¬†success in doing, finding, or getting something…

It is a GREAT JOY to me that there is success for soooo many ladies on Trim Healthy Mama…the support group (both local and on the internet) has been a great blessing to me and has helped me be accountable and successful on this journey…THFF (Trim Healthy Friend Forever)…have you started your journey to Trim ‘n’ Healthy? ¬†If not, start your success story by checking out Trim Healthy Mama (click HERE to find out more). ¬†Get a jump on that New Year’s Resolution…we are here for YOU!

This is my vision for our local support…all of us chickies…JUMPING FOR JOY!!!

THM - Joy 2