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Week One ~Results~

Mama’s I am happy to report the scale has moved!  Here is my Weight:

Okay sorry for the blurry Pic but I forgot to take the Pic before I got into the shower so I had to take the Pic after the shower.  Have you ever tried to take a pic with wet hands standing naked on the scale…Well I think you get the Picture!! HAHA….I know that’s a visual we can all do without!!

What worked:

  • Concentrated on separating Fuels
  • Ate predominantly S meals
  • Increased my water intake (for me this is a Big effort while I’m at work)
  • Cut out SUGAR
  • Planning & Preparedness (This is key for me)
  • Made sure there was a source of Protein in every Meal/Snack

My Thoughts:

Truthfully this week was not as bad as I thought it would be.  The sugar detox was not nearly as bad as the first time.  Slight headache and the cravings were manageable, as long as I had on plan snacks…… and I did!!!

I really think that while I have indulged a wee bit too much in the sugar department, I am forever changed in this area.  I now KNOW the health effects of refined white sugar, and I KNOW that consuming Refined White Sugar has a direct impact on my over all health and directly relates to how I am feeling now.  Not the future skinny  me…the right now me.  So while I have indulged, I don’t think I was consuming any where near the amount I was before starting THM.

Planning & Preparedness: I cooked simple meals I was familiar with. Simple & Sane. I wrote out a very simple meal plan. I knew what we were having each night and then shopped for the ingredients early in the week. In my opinion, this is key to the success of THM, at least for me!

Failures / Or might we call them :”Grace Moments”:

College Guy likes Pop Tarts. The yummy, really bad for you kind…and well a few weeks ago they were on sale and so what’s a Mom to do? Those dang Pop Tarts have been first and foremost in my mind all week!! And, No I did not eat one! I did tell Him to take them to work and get them out of here!  However I did purchase all the ingredients to make a THM one! If you haven’t tried them yet…. here is a link to the recipe. Totally did the trick.

In a weak moment I wanted cereal. That was in the same sale as the Pop Tarts 🙁  I did eat 1/2 Bowl of Raisin Bran with 1/2 n 1/2. Before Y’all judge me, I could have had the Pop Tart, and have you noticed there are 2 pop tarts in the package?  Seriously who eats just one???? At any rate that totally did the trick, and I was celebrating that those dang Pop Tarts didn’t cross these lips.

Another Grace Moment: I was in Church and started feeling a tad dizzy, that has happened to me several times when I am first getting back on plan.  I am sure it is my glucose stores depleting.  At any rate, I remembered I had some hard cinnamon candies in my Church bag.  So I ate one…Okay…I ate Two…there I said it.

Other than those 2 incidents, I ate on plan all week, and I am thrilled with the results. I am starting to feel better too! Major score!

Any of you brave enough to share your scale results???  C’mon Mama’s let’s do this!!

OH and Happy Spring!!


Frugal Friday ~Adzuki Beans~


I am excited to share a new find with you all.  Meet the Adzuki Bean!     A.K.A.    Aduki  Bean.  The name is interchangeable!

Adzuki beans are little powerhouses of antioxidant benefits for us Mamas, and I am all about finding the most healthful….most nutritional dense food I can find!

I originally heard about Adzuki beans on a You Tube channel I follow Road To The Farm.  I love Melanie’s channel, and she shares some great recipes as well!  I don’t watch TV, and as I’ve shared before, I am a wannabe Homesteader (HaHa)…so YouTube fills the bill!!

At any rate, as  always, We encourage you to DO Your Own Research!  Educate yourselves to make the best choices for you and your family!!

So I set out on a quest to research this bean……The following is some of the information I found.

Adzuki Beans vs. Kidney Beans

This is a portion of a  article written by Dr. Axe.com I also follow his YouTube channel.

You might be wondering what differentiates adzuki beans from, say, kidney beans.  It’s a good question, since most beans are good for you — but few pack as great a punch as adzuki beans.  Here’s how these two stack up:

  • Compared to kidney beans, adzuki beans have more calories, but they also have more protein and fiber per serving. NWhen it comes to vitamins and minerals, adzuki beans beat kidney beans every time minus being equals when it comes to thiamine and vitamin B6.
  • Adzuki beans and kidney beans consumption can both increase antioxidant intake, which protects against inflammation and disease, boosts heart health, and helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar, making them excellent for diabetics.
  • Adzuki beans have more protein than kidney beans so for vegetarians or athletes looking to increase their protein intake, adzuki beans are a better choice.
  • Adzuki beans are a better choice for people suffering from anemic symptoms or low energy since they have a higher iron content than kidney beans.
  • Kidney beans have less calories than adzuki beans so if calories are a primary concern, kidney beans can be a better choice.
  • Kidney beans can almost always be found in your local grocery store, but adzuki beans can be more difficult to find.

So I found Adzuki beans at our local health food store

I store my beans in a glass jar, peel off the label from the package and tape to the front. I purchased these at our local Health Food Store. 16oz for $2.85 I do the same with rice & quinoa.

Soak the beans in cold water overnight

Place in Pot and bring to a boil. Once you reach a boil, cover and simmer for approx. 45-1 hour.

I did this task while I was preparing dinner earlier in the week. Once cooked and cooled I placed in fridge.

Sorry for the poor pic, but this is 6 bags of cooked Adzuki beans for the freezer.  I place various amounts from 1/2- 1.5 cup servings. Depending on the recipe I am making will depend how much I will need. I like the variation.

Final cost about .47cents/per cup!

Note: I could not find these beans in my local supermarkets. Here is a link to Amazon, but they are more expensive than what I found them for at my Health food store, but if you can’t find them in your area this may be an option for you!!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

Back To Basics ~ Keepin’ It Real


Last Year I shared with you all my theme word for 2016 was Authentic. If you missed that post you can read it here.

Being Authentic with those in my life is very important to me.  Being Authentic is purposeful and mindful….and well….REAL.  It means sharing the messy parts of my life as well as all the awesome and successful parts.  It means sharing my failures as well as celebrating  my goals.  Honestly…it means making myself vulnerable.  That is not always easy, and it most certainly is not always comfortable.

However, I have learned, real lasting change comes in our life when we challenge ourselves outside our comfort zone.  Where we forge ahead into unknown territory.  Real change happens when we choose to go where we have not been before.

A few nights ago Sandy & I were on the phone (It is never a short conversation!) talking about all the success we had with the Trim Healthy Mama Plan for food freedom.  We have both shared in wild success with this plan.  She has done an excellent job of maintaining her weight.  Me not so much.  We started talking about why we even started the plan….

For me, I was DONE with the weight gain.  I was tired of looking and feeling like a beached whale in everything I wore.  However, more importantly, I was DONE feeling sick, tired and foggy.  I was so over not having any energy, suffering the effects of menopause, and I was desperate to find a way out.

I found the way out thru the THM plan for life.  I lost close to 30# and countless inches.  I had regained and restored my health & vitality.  I shared my success with everyone I knew.  We started a support group, then we started this blog, then a FB group.  We became very…very busy.

I am not sure of all the reasons I let things slide.  Life I suppose.  This plan requires planning, and cooking, and preparing, but doesn’t anything worthwhile require the same?  To me, the answer is a resounding YES!

I’ve said all the above to say this…I’m DONE AGAIN (A just man falleth seven times?) I am back at the spot where I started.  I can lament and fret over how I got back here (and there is some value in evaluating that) or I can move forward and do what I know.  I am “C”hoosing the later.  Yes, my sweet friends, it is always a “C”hoice.  We can chose to stay stuck or we can choose to move forward.

I started this plan October 20th, 2014.  I didn’t weigh that day, but probably within the first couple weeks.  My first recorded weight was 177.7 lbs.  I am confident I was over 180 lbs.

This is my Weight as of Yesterday…My first official day back on plan:

Not pretty…..I know.  Truth is, it could be worse.  The real truth is I haven’t completely given up on THM.  I don’t eat the whites (milk, potatoes and rice) and I rarely eat non sprouted bread.  I must admit that I have been very sloppy in my eating habits.  I haven’t consistently separated my fuels, and I have consumed way to much of arch enemy #1 White Sugar!!

While the scale has moved up….all the inches I lost, have not.  I am very thankful for that.  The worst part is I am back to having some of the symptoms I was having prior to starting the plan.

But today is a new day, and I am going to be taking you all along for the ride!  Each Monday I will post a picture of the scale.  I will share what worked and what didn’t.  I will be keepin it real.  As much of an advocate I am for not weighing daily, or letting the scale define me…..You do have to know where you started to know how far you have come!!  Each Monday I will post a picture of my morning weigh in…Yikes, did I really just say that?

You bet.  Because I want to be real, and the truth is I need You.  I need this group of loving mama’s and friends and warriors!  We need each other in this messy, complicated, wonderful, scary & exhilarating dance…..we call Life.

I will be posting both on the Blog and the FB page as I get back on plan.  I will also share what I am eating, exercising and how I am feeling.  My success and failures.  The Good & The not so good!

My hope and prayer is if you are where I am, then you will know you are not alone and WE are in this together.  If you are doing great, on plan, or at goal-weight, then would you consider being our prayer warriors & encouragers?  Wherever you are at there is room for you here!

#gettinglean2017, #weight#debt#stuff   #inthistogether 


Frugal Friday

Happy Friday Lovelies! I don’t know about you but Whew……..Sure glad the Weekend is here.

Today’s Frugal Tip is super Frugal and super easy…

Cheap air fresheners!

Okay so you know those perfume samples that come inside magazines and some high end store flyers?  Yep you guessed it.  I cut them out and use them as air fresheners!

They are usually lying loose in the middle of mailed advertisements

I cut these out and use them everywhere..

I use them in the following areas:

  • I use in my dresser drawers as drawer sachets
  • Tape them to the back of the toilet in my Bathrooms
  • Use them in my laundry room
  • Tape them under dining room chairs
  • Use in the trunk of our vehicles

There are tons of uses!  Most of these scents are very expensive and your house can smell good for a fraction of the cost!

Frugal Friday Shopping Extravaganza

So do you ever have to go to the grocery store, and you don’t feel like going shopping?!?!?!  Well you are not alone…that is me EVERY WEEK 🙁

However, God never ceases to amaze me…look at these whopper deals…at least for me anyways.  I look for deals while I am shopping as meat and veggies don’t really have coupons…yet…God always makes a way to stock up.  In order for me to stock up, I use my money to save even more money, so I can save more money…it’s all part of that plan to get debt free.

This is 3 pounds of ground turkey for $8.99 minus the three $1 coupons = a smokin’ deal for just $5.99 

These “Manager’s Specials” are super savers too!!!  Just look for that lil orange tag…This hamburger is only $2.77 per pound

Here is what I did with it…first, made a big ol’ cheeseburger, then fried up some for the next night for taco salad, and the remaining went in the freezer for a future meal…oh and I only had to clean the pan and spatula ONCE!!!  Tic, Tac, Toe…three meals for 2 people…all THM Trimmifying with no special ingredients used.


Next up is the incredible edible eggs…Scooped up 4 dozen 🙂

I don’t always buy seltzer, but at $0.25 per bottle, who could resist…Regularly $0.75 per bottle, but I scooped up those two $1.00 off the purchase of two bottles (the tags hanging on the bottles)…can I get an AMEN, for “My God shall supply all your need” and some wants too!

I don’t mind the extra work or prep to buy chicken breasts at $0.79 per pound with the bone in them…my regular buy is boneless skinless chicken breast at $1.69 per pound…but had a $2.00 off coupon to make it a hot deal!


This is my CVS deal…I am very patient when I want something expensive…in this picture is Tom’s Toothpaste, regularly $6.29.  I will not pay that much for toothpaste…so this became a “want”…I received a $3 coupon in the mail from CVS, and patiently waited (and kept my eye on the expiration date…I hate it when free money expires!!!), a few days later in my email came the bonus…30% off my total order at…CVS…so as I am in my car getting ready to go into…you guessed it…CVS…I decided to check my email again…and received a $2.00 off coupon for a household item…once again from…CVS…so here is how it turned out:  $6.29 Tom’s Toothpaste & $2.89, less 30%, less $3, less $2 = $1.52 after tax…YIPPEY DIPPY DOODLE 🙂

Now last but not least…especially for all our local peeps…can you believe that lil ‘ol 2 Mamas on a Mission love you sooooooo much, that we want the best for you…our prices are LOWER than the local food chains…Yes, you heard me right (and I took picture as evidence)…LESS THAN the deals listed below…so make sure you buy local and buy from us!!!


Be Beautiful & Be YOU!!!


Our Web Designer Extraordinaire ~ Miss Sheri

12507457_10207997274074328_8479821193630809304_n (1)
Meet Our Web Designer Extraordinaire……Miss Sheri!
This Beautiful lady is the brains and talent behind our beautiful graphics and web design here at  2mamasonamission!  It doesn’t matter what we throw at her…. she figures it out!  Sheri is truly amazing!
When we first approached her about working as our web designer, we were so thrilled when she agreed. Sheri wears many hats, and juggles many responsibilities. We come up with crazy ideas (that always involve a pressing deadline) and she never fails to deliver!!
When we shared with her that we would like to “Journey Spotlight”  her, I was afraid she might not agree. This is one humble lady. However the Bible says to give honour to whom honour (is due) Romans 13:7 KJV. We asked her to share her thoughts;
I started designing as a teenager when the Christian school I attended needed a flyer.  I knew next to nothing about
design, but it turned out I loved doing it!  Since then, I’ve managed to grow my skills mainly through taking on projects and learning as I go.  I now work as a church secretary which allows me to be very involved in our church media ministry and also to be a help to other churches with web and print design.  I’m able to take on other outside work as my time allows, and I’m so grateful to be a part of the 2 Mamas on a Mission team!  Designing is my passion, and I truly view any ability I have as a gift from God.
When Michelle & Sandy told me they were going to feature me for the Journey Spotlight, I had no idea what to say.  My journey in the field of design seemed a far cry from the mission all of you mamas have taken on to care for your health.  But then I got to thinking, of all the times I’ve wanted to quit, and I realized that’s a feeling we all face on our journeys!  A designer friend of mine once encouraged me to stop looking at all I haven’t learned yet and just focus on learning one new thing.  Just one new thing…for me, that’s a new design skill…for you, maybe it’s staying on plan for one more meal or choosing to exercise when you really just want to watch one more show (I can relate to that one!).  Don’t ever quit your mission – just do the next thing! and know that you have a designer friend at 2 Mamas on a Mission who is cheering you on from behind the scenes 🙂
Truth is…..Sheri is so much more than the brains behind our graphics….She is the daughter of our Pastor & his wife.  She is also the Church Secretary, and above all a wonderful testimony to the Lord!  She has a passion for serving others as you can clearly see from her own words above.  She has such a sweet spirit and a humility that truly inspires those around her.  Sheri is giving & very kind. We are blessed to call her friend.
Sandy & I (much like Pearl & Serene) are similar yet opposite in some things.  We both throw our ideas and thoughts at Sheri, and it never seems to rattle her.  When she sends back the graphic (from our jumbled ideas & thoughts), it absolutely amazes us how she catches our vision!, and she never appears to grow weary working with these 2 seriously tech challenged mamas!!!!
We are blessed beyond measure to have her on our team!

$7 Dinner ~ Chicken Quesadilla

Welcome to $7 Dinners…………

Where we put our furgalista skills to the test and help you get dinner on the table for $7 or less.

We were hoping to do $5 dinners or less (Cause that’s how we roll …..Frugal) but where we live in the country….meat is sky high.  It’s pretty hard to get a meal with meat on the table for $5, especially when you’re feeding a Husband, College Guy and a growing (like a weed) Teenage boy!

So we love the number 7 (it is 2017), and it is the number of perfection…plus the extra $2 allows us to get a healthy satisfying meal on the table.

We will share with you the break down for each meal.  There will be many meals below $7!  We will also feature budget friendly meatless meals as well, that will fall below the $7 tag!

These meals will also assume you have a fairly stocked pantry of condiments and spices.

So without further ado:

As recently posted about cooking for an army even though there are only two of us, I purchase boneless skinless family pack chicken only when it is on sale for $1.69 per pound.  I am now buying two packages to make sure I always have a deal in my freezer…well look at these recent smokin’ deals.  Received a $2 off coupon the already low $1.69 per pound chicken, and also just this week, for the bone in white meat chicken breast….drum roll please…$0.79 per pound…WOO HOO!!!  I will use these on an evening when I get home from work, and am not in a rush to eat…the chicken breast with a bone take about 45 minutes to an hour to bake in the oven at 350 degrees…these pieces are huge!!!  I will get one meal out of each piece (there are 4 pieces in the package) for both my teenage son and myself.


For this week….our recipe is….the famous Chicken Quesadillas…

1 – 1 1/2 pounds of cooked boneless skinless chicken breast ($1.69 – $2.54)

1 – 2 Joseph’s Lavish wraps ($0.60 – $1.20)

1/2 to a whole onion sauteed ($0.10 – $0.20 based on a bag from Aldi’s)

1/2 to a whole green pepper ($0.50 – $1.00)

4 – 8 ounces of shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese ($0.90 – $1.79)…I shred it myself as it has no other ingredients and is less expensive

1 tablespoon of butter ($0.10)


  1. Cook your chicken   use a lil coconut oil or butter to saute.
  2. Saute your onion and pepper in a lil more coconut oil or butter.
  3. Next is the fun part…puttin’ it all together…butter the surface of your skillet and lay the wrap down, then layer the cheese, chicken, and veggies… add a lil more cheese to the top, then flop the other half of the wrap on the top to cover that yummilicious goodness.
  4. Let it cook on the one side for a minute or two, then carefully flip it over to grill the other side.

Slice into 1 – 2 inch strips and serve with sour cream & salsa…all for just $4.00 – $6.93 (these prices do not include the extra savings I received from the $2 off coupon)…there is plenty of extra moolah here is you want to add some steamed broccoli…if you choose to cook the maximum amount, you will have ton of food….sssoooooooo….EAT UP!!!


Administering CP”R” ~ Hump Day

“R”est, “R”elax…and get “R”echarged & “R”ejuvenated

In short…

  • Eat Well
  • Move More
  • Stress Less
  • Love More…

Simple Successes to keep you “R”eaching toward your goal…to all things Trim ‘n’ Healthy:

  • THM De-Fatted Peanut Flour (a heaping tablespoon), 1/2 – 1 cup of Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt, on-plan sweetener to taste (for me, 1 teaspoon of Gentle Sweet)…That’s it!  Pair with an apple for a super healthy “E” snack
  • Rolled up deli ham or turkey with a cheese stick in the middle…”S”
  • Make a batch of muffins (Page 285, I substituted blueberries for the raspberries and skipped the glosting)…don’t forget to freeze some 🙂
  • I eat eggs a few times per week…always scrambled, 2 eggs and a hefty splash of egg whites….sometimes veggies, sometime bacon or sausage…always topped with coconut oil & nutritional yeast…yummo!!!


“R”escue yourself from a place called done…


We LOVE you…Be Beautiful and Be YOU!!!

Administering CP”R”

Happy Monday THFFs (Trim Healthy Friends Forever)…Yesarootie, we are moving on to “R”…y’all are a bunch of smarties 🙂

First hit that “R”eset button…DAILY if you have to!

Today we are focusing on our “R”outine…so here’s how it goes for me…

I’m up at 5:30 a.m. (Monday – Friday)…take a drink (after all our body has had no hydration all night…did you know that sometimes you are thirsty, not hungry???)…this is a great time to drink some Okra Water (click HERE for an awesome post by Michelle)…get showered…then I turn on the tea kettle…back to get dressed while the water is heating…back to the kitchen to steep oolong tea…dry my hair, put make up on, brush teeth…

6:30 a.m.  Boy Wonder (my teenage son) gets up…he showers and gets dressed, I put the finishing touches on our lunches and make breakfast.

6:50 a.m.  We eat breakfast.

7:05 a.m.  The heat is on to get out the door by 7:17 a.m. the latest…he brushes his teeth and puts contacts in, I move our lunches toward the door.

7:10 a.m.  I am washing the breakfast dishes while he reads a portion of the Bible to us (we usually read Proverbs in the morning)…sometimes we pray at home, sometimes we pray in the car on the way to school.

7:45 a.m.  I arrive at work, get settled in and grab a cup of coffee w/cream…I then put my sipper cup cap and straw in (if I don’t do this first thing, sometimes I “forget” to start drinking until almost noon, which makes for a very thirsty mama at night time…not good!).

10:30 a.m.  Grab one of those Super Simple Successes Snacks (sign up for our closed FB page to follow along or click on our Simple Successes in the categories section on the right side of the blog).

1:30 p.m.  Lunch time!!!  It’s all “P”repared, because my “P”riorities at night are to be “P”repping for a successful “P”lan to take care of me.

5:30 p.m.  Get home and pull together dinner (Boy Wonder does his homework)…we discuss on the weekend what we “might” want for dinner during the week…I am doubly blessed to have a son that is not a picky eater and enjoys our Simple Successes…He is very fit so he eats tons of carbs to keep that teenage body fueled…I have to be properly fueled and satisfied so that I can “R”esist eating off plan or “P”revent from crossing over too often.  Usually at some point while dinner is cooking, I throw in a load of laundry (have I ever told you that I am a time management extraordinaire?!?!?!).  My son also is a huge help at putting the laundry in the dryer for me…next he will be learning how to use the washer so he is “P”repared when he goes to college in 2021…where has the time gone?!?!

6:00 p.m.  “R”est & “R”elax (we will talk more about this on Wednesday) which means we watch a show together for 1 – 1 1/2 hours (more so in the Winter)…he gets plenty of exercise with 2 hours of sports practice after school each day…I have to work REALLY hard at making time for me to exercise…however, I have much success maintaining my weight on THM with very little regular, consistent exercise.

7:30 p.m.  Boy Wonder will wash the dinner dishes (we are a team, and if I cook he often does the dishes…I remind him that if I have to do all of the work, then we have less time to do things together AND that we are a family, and we ALL pitch in…I am “C”oaching him and “P”reparing him to be a great husband someday, and I am “P”raying that God will give him a great wife that will “R”espect him and have the same values).  This is the time when I am doing the majority of my “P”rep work, lunches are “P”lanned and “P”acked (his sandwich is made in the morning, so it is fresh), and I “P”lan what we are having for dinner the next evening (take food out of freezer and maybe do a little extra leg work to investigate what is in the fridge that needs to get used up!!!)…We also set our clothes out for the next day.

8:15 p.m.  We sit back down to “R”elax and “P”repare for a great night’s “R”est (sometimes I will use this time to fold laundry and put it away)…I have a cup of herbal tea and maybe one of those AMAZING on-plan yummies that we GET to have…like:  a blueberry muffin, skinny chocolate, Treeces, Chocolate Trimtastic Cake, or if I’m eating “E” for dinner, I like the Bust a Myth Banana Cake…I ain’t on no diet…I am on the Food Freedom THM Train!!!

9:30 p.m.  Nighty, night 🙂

Saturday & Sunday we sleep in then have morning devotions…we usually have a big breakfast, clean up and then enjoy the day.  Our church has a Saturday evening church service, so we go to that…afterwards, my son goes to youth group, and I get to go out to dinner with friends from church (not always on plan, but I get right back at it on Sunday morning)…Sunday is our day of “R”est…we really kick it down several notches until around noon or 1 p.m.  We enjoy the afternoon and then focus on laundry/meal “P”rep…when my son is at his dad’s home, I utilize this time to move mountains at home (cleaning, gardening, and to get a little bit of exercise too)…he has an amazing dad, and I am very thankful that through the years, we have been able to maintain a healthy relationship for the sake of our son…also my in-laws have been a tremendous blessing to us both.

So THFFs….hit that “R”eset button, “R”ead the THM Plan book, work on getting your “R”outine established…and we will see you on Wednesday!!!

Be Beautiful and be YOU!!!

Frugal Friday ~ The Cost of Convenience Foods

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Today we are talking about the hefty cost of convenience foods.  I get that there are times in busy seasons of life, that convenience (pre-packaged) type foods are a life saver for the busy Mama.

The gift of time and convenience that you get may be worth it, but you are forking over your hard earned cash to get the convenience of someone preparing ahead for you.  You are also paying a very hefty price for cute convenient packaging.

Let’s take a look at our example:

This is an example of a quick snack. There are (4) 4oz. cups of Diced Peaches.  These are priced anywhere from $1.99 to 2.99 depending if you get them on sale or not.  They are currently $2.79 at my local supermarket this week (if you purchase store brand, you can sometimes find these for around $1.50).  At my local stores current price of $2.79….it makes each 4 oz. serving approx. .69 cents each.

Example #2

This is a pic of a 290z. can of Peaches.  I purchased my can at my Local market for $1.50 on sale.  I did take a pic but am having tech issues trying to get the picture loaded. No surprise there.  At any rate, I can get approx. 7.25  4 oz. servings from this can.  The ones I purchased were in heavy syrup. I just put them in my colander and rinse them in cold water, and discarded the juice.  Perfect on plan Peaches.  That makes each 4 oz. serving approx. .20 cents!!  Less than 1/2 the cost of the convenience servings and nearly double the serving size!!  If you want more volume, you can just dice the Peaches with a kitchen knife!

I prepare the entire 7 servings when I open the can.  I love my Pyrex Storage Containers.  I switched from using plastic to glass quite some time ago.  Glass is friendlier on the environment, it doesn’t stain, can be washed in the dishwasher, and it is much better for our health.  Plus I am more comfortable storing food in glass.  I get a week’s worth of servings from the 29 oz. can.

I put a tablespoon or two of Cottage Cheese in with my serving of fruit in the morning.  It is often my mid morning or late afternoon snack at work. 🙂

Sometimes it doesn’t seem that the pennies add up, but they do!

Groceries are a families second biggest expense (behind the mortgage), and there are so many ways to save!

So to recap….I would need to purchase 2 packages of the convenience Diced Peaches @ 2.79 x 2 =$5.58 for the same amount of the $1.50 29 oz. can.  For very little effort (the effort of opening the canned Peaches and placing them in the dishes….5 minuntes total), I save $4.08!!!

I’m not saying there is not ever a time to purchase these type of convenience fruit packs, but for very little effort, I’m saving the $4.00.  If you purchased these weekly, that would be over $16.00 a month savings!

Now that’s some serious savings!!!

Be Beautiful…Be YOU!